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You need at least these components to build a MikroKopter:

  • FlightCtrl board

  • 4x BrushlessCtrl boards (speed controllers)

  • SerCon board (for programming and debugging)

  • 4x Brushless Motor (eg: Robbe ROXXY2824-34)

  • Receiver (35Mhz) that offers the "multi" signal (muxed signal holding all channels)

  • 6-channel Sender (35Mhz)+battery+charger (most used: Graupner MC12, MX12 which have extra switches)
  • cristal-pair for both sender+receiver
  • Frame material (most used: 10mm square Alu profile with 40 cm Motor-distance and 2x CenterPlate)

  • 4x Propeller EPP1045: 2x clockwise-rotating, 2x counterclockwise-rotating (if possible order 10 pairs or more)

(order at Lipoly.de or CNC-Modellsport.de). Alternative: X-Ufo (8") props for smaller MK's

  • Prop-holders or Propsaver (fit for your Motor). NOTE: EPP1045 requires a 3mm shaft
  • LiPo-Battery (if possible at least 2)

  • LiPo-charger + balancer

  • other small parts like fasteners, cables, connectors

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