This site should provide some details on diffrent ways to trigger a camera attached to the MikroKopter.

via j16 / j17 from FC

Wiring with LTV 827 optocoupler for galvanic isolation:

  • Opto Pin1 <-> FC - +5V

  • Opto Pin2 <-> FC J16 Or J17

  • Opto Pin7 <-> CameraSwitch to plus

  • Opto Pin8 <-> CameraSwitch to minus

you can do this for focus the same way with pin 3/4 and 5/6

With FC - Version >= 0.70 you can set the triggering frequency via Poti.
pros: cheap method ; possible with most cams
cons: The Problem with this method is that you have to open the camera and solder small pitches in most cases.

building a ShutterCable

See: ShutterCable

via infrared

  • cons: camera needs to have IR and needs to have a supported module

via servo

  • cons: mechanical solution

via CHDK and USB