Turnigy 2217/20 motors


Kv: 860rpm/v
Operating Current: 6A ~ 17A
Peak Current: 17A
Suggested prop: 11x4.7 E-prop
Suggested Battery: 1700~2200mAh 3S1P
Weight: 71g
Dimensions: 27.6 x 36mm
Shaft Size: 3.175mm

Kit includes full accessories, including gold bullet connectors, prop saver, mount, spare rubber rings, shrink tube and screws.

User experiences

I use these motors on my APMk 1 and 2, with either GWS 10x6 3-bladed props or APC 12x3.8SF props and converted TowerPro 25A ESCs. With RTF weight of about 1.7kg I get flight times of 8-9minutes out of 3300-3650 mAh 3s1p Lipo's. The motors do not get warm at all.


/!\ Warning: The magnet bell of these motors is threaded and simply screwed on to the propeller end. With high torque it is possible that the bell works itsself loose and ends up pressing against the stator end in which case the motor will eventually block. The first attached picture shows a motor where this has happened while coming in for a landing. If this happens in flight it could cause a crash. The second pictures shows the disassembled motor with a clar view of the threaded ends of magnet bell and propeller end of the motor. Consider checking regularly that there is only a hairline space between the bell and the propeller end, and a gap of about 1/2 to 1mm between the turning bell and the stator end. If the bell starts coming loose, put a drop of lock-tight on the thread and tighten it properly.