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Why not SerCon?

Although I still have several desktop computers on hand and can use SerCon, the notebook computers are clearly easier to always have on hand, even take along to flying sites if testflying and tweaking parameters. And most of them do not have serial ports. PonyProg cannot use over a USB to serial converter and therefore cannot use SerCon over such an adapter.

Why MySmartUSB

The MySmartUSB is a combination of serial interface, AVR ISP interface for programming, and even offers an I2C/TWI interface. With these interfaces it can fully replace SerCon interface wise. In addition there was some information on how to get it working with the MKTool and AvrDude. Finally it isn't too expensive and can be obtained from several sources, including and

Does MySmartUSB fully replace SerCon

I haven't managed to get it to work as programming interface with the MKTook. However there is a very simple to use free Windows programming utililty which can be downloaded from the MyAVR site. And that utility works perfectly with the flight controler and for reprogramming TowerPro ESCs during conversion to I2C/TWI control. In addition the interface works perfectly with MKTool as serial interface to the MK for reading and setting parameters. The manuals which come with the MySmartUSB are reasonably clear and available in German and English. So yes, for me it does fully replace the SerCon.

What to watch out for when using MySmartUSB

You can disconnect and reconnect a FC without problems while the MySmartUSB is on. However you do NOT want to unplug the MySmartUSB from your computer before shutting down the MKTool. You'll be confronted with large numbers of little popup windows yelling error and more or less locking down your computer.

Are there other alternatives with similar capabilities

I think the USBTinyISP AVR programming adapter ( might also be usable. Not sure however, whether that has been used for programming the FC and for communicating with it through the MKTool.


I'll add pics of the programmer, diagrams for the cables, etc, over the coming days. /!\ ToDo: hier gibt es noch etwas zu tun