German Version: hoppel


User: Hoppel

Real Name: Andre

Mikrokopter: Since the Chaos Communication Camp 2007 (workshop organisator)



Technical Data:

  • Flight-Control 1.2 (machine assembled) / Flight-Control 1.0 (self assembled)
  • BL_Ctrl 1.0 with 10A Fets (self assembled)
  • Robbe Roxxy 2824-34 motors
  • EPP 1045 Props
  • Bluetooth
  • Akku: Powerhouse 2100mAh/2500Ah
  • current Frame: Aluminium-square-type tube
  • current weight: eta. 780g
  • fligth time: eta. 10-23 min

Radio Control: Futaba FC28


The Chaoskopter - Stage 1

The build before the Chaos Camp 2007

The finished Kopter after the Chaos Camp 2007:

The Chaoskopter - Stage 2

After my first frame was broken i build a new one with a motor axis distance of 46cm. For the cap i used a salad bowl as prototype and make a copy with epoxy and glas fiber.
It's not looking good, but i can see it very good when i fly.


Dates from the Camera:

  • 7,2 Megapixel
  • 800x578 Pixel video resolution (!!!)
  • TV-Out

Buyed and demounted.

Functions with the RC transmitter:

  • remote trigger
  • Zoom is prepared
  • video transmission for controlling

The camera is mounted under my Kopter. For the remote trigger i used a BL-Ctrl. I modified the flight control source code too.


The light at my MK is build with a unused BL-Ctrl and 30 LED's. 10 LED's and the resistors are soldered at one stripe of a hole board. Against to the first intention to switch every LED alone, i switch now 10 LED's at one. Because the BL-Ctrl has three Mosfet groups i can only switch three LED-stripes. Continouse lightning is boring, so i implemented some effects. The light can be switched on via the remote control. Therefor i modified the source code of the FC. The FC generated a rising edge which is detected by the BL-Ctrl and used für switching the light effects.

Build: The positive LED contact has to be solder at the top of the BL-Ctrl, the negative contact has to solder at one of the minus pads.For the Switching with the RC/FC i use the INT0 interrupt. Therefor i solder a wire at the ISP-Pin 6 pad. This wire has a connection with the FC - J9. The power source is the LiPo.

Source Code BL-Ctrl:

The FC source code modifications::


int main (void)
   PORTD = 0xF7; // LED
  //Hoppel Mod
  DDRC |= (1<<PC6); //J9 as output


  #define CFG_LOOP_LINKS      0x04
  #define CFG_LOOP_RECHTS     0x08
  //Hoppel Mod
  #define J9_HI PORTC |= (1<<PC6)
  #define J9_LO PORTC &= ~(1<<PC6)


  GyroFaktor     = ((float)Parameter_Gyro_P + 10.0) / (256.0/STICK_GAIN);
  IntegralFaktor = ((float) Parameter_Gyro_I) / (44000 / STICK_GAIN);
  //Hoppel Mod
  if(Parameter_UserParam7 > 75) J9_HI; else J9_LO;

In the MK-Tool the Userparameter is assigned one of the Poti's.