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In a total of five sets of parameters different settings can be stored in the Kopter. These can be accessed through the sticks after turning on the Kopter and the initialization.

  • Name of configuration
    Each setting can be named under Name of configuration with a representative name. This is useful for example for different payloads, sporty flying or camera-flight etc.
    If a setting is completed or altered it must be saved under it's number in the MikroKoper with the function WRITE
    The MikroKopter acknowledged this with a appropriate number of short beeps.

    To select the settings with the transmitter the proceed as follows: :

    Setting 1 => Roll left + Nick middle plus Gas up + Gier left
    Setting 2 => Roll left + Nick up plus Gas up + Gier left
    Setting 3 => Roll middle + Nick up plus Gas up + Gier left
    Setting 4 => Roll right + Nick up plus Gas up + Gier left
    Setting 5 => Roll right + Nick middle plus Gas up + Gier left

  • Altitude control
    Checked if the air pressure sensor on the FlightCtrl should be used.

  • GPS
    In that case the GPS-System (NaviCtrl + MKGPS) is activated . Therefore GPS-functions like holding position (PositionHold), flying back to the start-point (ComingHome) and the fly-around with waypoints are possible.

  • Compass
    Typically, this field is grayed out and active when GPS is selected.
    Only if there is no GPS-System on the copter and if you use e.g. a MK3Mag on your FlightCtrl you can deaktivate this and activate only "Compass". The single using of a MK3Mag is normally not customary.

    • Orientation fixed
      If this function is activated, the MikroKopter depends on the yaw and over again from the direction in which it has been at the start.
      Attention: If this function is enabled, the copter can not be completely turned!

  • Sensitive receiver signal validation
    The Sensitive receiver signal validation was built specifically for the 35/40 MHz systems. A receiving failure is detected properly. If you use a 2.4GHz Transmitter / Receiver you did not need this function.
    (see also ''Channels'')

  • Axis-(de-)coupling
    Here you can enable or disable the axis coupling. The axle coupling prevents the MikroKopter after a curve is flown to be loopsided.
    Function is active when the yaw angle will be corrected internally. This function should always be activated.

  • Rotationrate limiter
    Additional limitation of the rate of rotation. With this option the characteristic of the gyro is lifted at the ends.
    This prevents rapid maneuver, which is regulated at a certain rate of rotation. Applies only to pitch and roll. (Only interesting for beginners).

  • Heading Hold (Nick/Roll)
    In this mode and after a flight maneuver the MikroKopter is not automatically going back into a horizontal position when the stick is in neutral position. This setting, for example, are possible for most types of loops.
    This function is for experienced pilots! This one needs a lot of flying experience!
    -> ATTENTION: Who wants to fly HH the I-part must be increased to the proportion of the main controller (e.g. to 30)!

    • More information about flying with Heading Hold you can read here: HeadingHold (information only in german)