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MikroKopter-Tool Settings


You can set all settings of your MikroKopter with our free MikroKopter-Tool (Download).

For the standard setting you only have to set the channels you will use. With this setting the copter is normally ready for take off.
All other values are already set and there is no need to change them.

The Flight controller includes five (5) storage spaces (Parameterset => Settings). Each storage space can be set individually.
So you can e.g. set one storage space for a servo gimbal and a other storage space for a brushless gimbal.
The needed setting can also be load via the transmitter (see ''Load setting via transmitter'').


en/MK-Parameter/Easy-SETUP en/MK-Parameter/Navi-Ctrl
en/MK-Parameter/Channels en/MK-Parameter/Navi-Ctrl 2
en/MK-Parameter/Camera en/MK-Parameter/Misc
en/MK-Parameter/CamCtrl en/MK-Parameter/Gyro
en/MK-Parameter/Output en/MK-Parameter/User
en/MK-Parameter/Configuration en/MK-Parameter/Coupling
en/MK-Parameter/Stick en/MK-Parameter/Mixer-SETUP

  • Click on the button Settings in the MikroKopter-Tool to
    access the settings.

  • A description of the individual settings can be found here =>


  • The setting window is divided into 4 areas:

    1 - Menu selection
    2 - Adjustment window
    3 - Channel view
    4 - Save and load


  • In the standard view you see the important settings you need for the firs setting.
    If you activate Expert view (in the lower bar) you see more settings you can chose.

    The Expert view is normally not needed.
    If you change the standard settings you can improve the flight characteristics, or deteriorate.


Adjustment window

  • Depending on the selected setting you can see a corresponding adjustment window.
    Different settings are possible depending on the selected menu.


Channel view

  • On the remote control, the available channels are assigned to a switch, push button or poti.
    These channels can be assigned to the individual functions of the MikroKopters.

    In the settings on your copter you can set single channels to a "POTI" 1-8. This channels you can see here.
    When you use switch, push button or poti on the remote control you can see here a changing bar and value.


Save and load

  • In the lower bar you can do different things.

  • Button Help

    • Opens a Wiki-Internet page with a description of the setting you see

  • Button Load

    • Load a setting stored on the pc

  • Button Save

    • Saves the current settings to the PC

  • Selection field Parameterset

    • Select the Parameterset to be set
      INFO: For each single Parameterset you can set an individually name.

  • Button Reset

    • Load the standard settings for the load Parameterset

  • Button Read

    • Reads the settings from the copter.

  • Button Write

    • writes the settings into the copter

  • Button OK

    • Close the settings window.
      If you change something and do not write it into your copter,
      you will see this window:

Load setting via transmitter

  • With your transmitter you can load the single Parametersets (Settings) of your MikroKopter.
    Choose the setting you will load (1-5) and hold the stick position ...
    ... and "activate" (A) the setting.
    The copter will then "beep" 1-5 times (depending on the load setting) and in the telemetrie display of your transmitter you will see short the aktive setting.
    (Example Mode 2)

    Here the single stick positions:
    • Setting 1 => Roll left + Nick center plus throttle up + yaw left

    • Setting 2 => Roll left + Nick up plus throttle up + yaw left

    • Setting 3 => Roll center + Nick up plus throttle up + yaw left

    • Setting 4 => Roll right + Nick up plus throttle up + yaw left

    • Setting 5 => Roll right + Nick center plus throttle up + yaw left


A changing ofvthe settings can help in fine-tuning of the copter.
But this will not help when the copter have flight problems!

With the default settings you can fly every MikroKopter easily!
If the copter do not fly properly with the default settings, a faulty assembly of the copter or a wrong route of the lines can be the cause. In this case please check the assembling of the copter first.

All settings are preset. If changes are made to the settings, be sure that a valid data is entered.
If a setting with incorrect values ??are loaded, the copter can crash!

Never change a setting during flight (e.g. with a Wi.232)! Then the copter will crash!
So you have to land first and stop the motors. Then you can change the settings.