INFO: For this function a GPS-System on the Kopter is necessary.


If there is no control movement performed at the transmitter for "Nick" and "Roll" the MikroKopter hovers by itself and is exposed to the wind.
Here the Kopter can leave more or less quickly the actual position.


The function "PositionHold" makes it possible to hold the MikroKopter tight in the air at the actual position and at any distance.
The Kopter uses its actual GPS-Position. These position will be kept as long until a new control command comes in over the transmitter.

To use that function you need to activate the function in the KopterTool and it must be assigned to a switch-channel.
Information you can find here: GPS-Function
(The function "ComingHome" will be used here to the same time. A description you will find here: ComingHome)

The switch-channel will be assigned to a 3-way switch at your transmitter. Is that switch in middle-position the function "PositionHold" is enabled.

If you release the control-sticks for "Nick" and "Roll" the Kopter will keep the actual position.
If you move now one of the control-sticks for "Nick" or "Roll" the function will be automatically disabled and the Kopter will fly to the new position.
If you release now the control-sticks again for "Nick" and "Roll" the function will be automatically enabled and the Kopter will keep the new position.

Dynamic PositionHold

If you choose in addition also the entry "Dynamic PositionHold" (Link) the control function will work a little bit different.

If "Dynamic PositionHold" is chosen the function will be not disabled while moving the control-sticks for "Nick" and "Roll". It permanently is switched ON.
While moving "Nick" and "Roll" the GPS-Position will be shifted and the Kopter is following this shifting.

That has the advantage that an more exact positioning and a softer shifting of the Kopter is possible especially for flights with a camera.