INFO: For this function the GPS-System is necessary on the Kopter.


The function "ComingHome" makes it possible that the MikroKopter automatically flies back to the start-point (Homeposition). And that out of any distance.
The Kopter uses here the start-position. The GPS position is newly stored at each restart of the engines.

To use that function you must activate the GPS-Function in the KopterTool and it must be assigned to a switch-channel.
Information you will find here: GPS-Function
(The function "PositionHold" will be used here to the same time. A describtion you will find here: PositionHold)

The switch-channel will be assigned to a 3-way switch at your transmitter. Is that switch in the second position the function "ComingHome" is enabled.

In addition the function "ComingHome" will be used to activate also the WayPoint-Flight.
The WayPoint-Flight is described here: Waypoint fly