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How to update?



  • The settings are reset


Yaw direction for ComingHome

You can choose if the MK should turn automatically while using ComingHome

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Possible directions:

  • No change
  • Front to Home (for FPV)
  • Rear to Home (makes manual control easier)
  • Direction like orientation at start

16 Motors supported

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Waypoint flight

New: Failsafe points

You can set destinations that uses the MK in case of Failures (RC-Lost or undervoltage)

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  • MK always takes the point that is closest
  • It aslo uses the home point if it is the closest
  • you can see the currently active failsafe point by the color in KopterTool

With this feature you can plan long waypoint flights, with parts of the mission that are too far away from the home position.

visualisation of the trigger locations

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The KopterTool now always paints a yellow dot onto the map where the camera is triggered (when driving from Out1 trigger output of the FC)

trigger counter (ShutterCounter)

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  • Counts how many times the camera has been triggered (if it is connected via the output of the FC-Out1)
  • The counter is also written into the log file .
    • So you can find the photos easier by comparing the picture counter
  • Sensor calibration resets the counter

Automatic trigger by distance as parameter for waypoints

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Now you don't have to worry about the settings of the FC, because you can configure it separately from point to point.

Flight radius

  • Visulalisation of Flying range (if defined in the Settings) and the Max.Waypoint range.

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    Hier im Beispiel:

  • Grün: Waypoint Operationsradius

  • Rot: Max. flight radius

  • Pink: Descend Range The circles are automatically drawn around the home-pos.

Area mapping now easier

Cameratool calculates picture overlapping

For the measurement certain overlappings are required for the photos.

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It depends on altitude, focal length of the camera and chip size.

The KopterTool now automatically creates the grid with the desired overlappings.

Wegpunkt-Raster jetzt einfacher

You can take pictures of large areas in a short time by using only a few waypoints. As a result, the flight will be faster and more smooth.

Complicated Version:

  • User image

Simple version:

  • User image


  • User image

Example of 50% picture overlapping:

User image

New parameter: ACCLanding pulse

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During the descending the MK detects a landing by the accelerometer (ACC).

When exceeding a certain value, the MK takes out the gas and says, "landing".

Now it has been found that there are MKs, for which the threshold is too sensitive.

Then the function already responds in certain maneuvers in flight. This can be recognized that the MK speakes "landing" during flight.

Now you can set that value to a higher value if needed.

new HoTT menu: Motor test

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Motor test in HoTT menu (Text-Telemetry)

Instructions with video: here hier (German)

ACC calibration

To calibrate the ACC (throttle up + yaw right) you must activate this function now for longer then 5 seconds.
Only then you will hear the "beeping" and the ACC is calibrated.

ACC calibration during flight

On a calm day you can fine-tune the neutral attitude of the MK


  • open the menu
  • Start the MK and fly with altitude control
  • GPS must be off!
  • The sticks of the transmitter must be trimmed to zero (Check in the menu)
  • use the menu keys to fine-tune the MK (see note below)
  • You can see the ACC-tuning values on the display
  • Land and switch off the motors
  • Store

/!\ Note: if the FC is installed twisted: The direction of Sub-Trim refers to the mounting direction (arrow on the PCB) of the FC.


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Video (German): here


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/!\ Note: the 'normal' (old) ACC-Calibration is still Stick -> upper right corner. But now the stick must be pressed minimum 5 seconds.

This avoids unwanted deleting of a correct ACC-Calibration setting

pre-defined Servo-Positions for Failsafe-cases

Now it is possible to lift up the camera-lens or release a landing gear.

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The Positions are active in these cases:

  • RC-Lost
  • Auto-Landing at undervoltage

MULTIPLEX Servo-Bus integrated (SRX-L 12 / 16)

User image User image User image

Now a MULTIPLEX receiver can be connected directly.

{i} Note: only channel data - no telemetry support

{i} Note: The data on the B/D Output of the reveiver must be set to 'digital servo data (SRXL)'. That is possible by the PC-Software 'Multiplex Laucher'


There are new messages in the display:

  • ERR 36: Redundancy -> the second FC is not ready and can't be used in failsafe-case

  • ERR 37: Redundancy test -> one of the test switches is in "test" position


  • now the data is safed after every GPX-Block to the SD-card (Flush() )
  • in case of Power-Off the data is safe. In the past versions up to 3 seconds could be lost in case of sudden power off.
  • it was sucessfully tested up to 200ms logging
  • GPX-logging starts with motor start. In older Versions the logfile started after liftoff.

neu im Logfile

  • <GeoMag> with one comma value

  • <GpsVersion> in Logfile

  • <Compass> with one comma value

  • <Receiver> Receiver type in logfile

  • <MagSensor> Magnetsensor type in logfile

  • <Kalibr.> Sensor Data at ACC-Calibration (Boat-Values)

Misc I

  • timing for the blinking pattern for Auto-Distance can be selected as Parameter on the SD-Card [10ms]. So it is possible to trigger fsater than 0,8sec
  • Rotation rate for automatic direction changes now limited to 100°/sec

Misc II

  • Changed: GPS version detection
  • SPI communication optimized -> some Data are faster, some are slower

  • BL-State (Current, Temperature,...) are now faster transferred for Logging
  • Altimeter in Data3D (serial data) - Bugfix: Output LED Blinking when RC-Lost
  • bugfix: uBat in 16Bit
  • AnalogLable CRC implemented -> KopterTool doesn't need to read them every time

  • Config "Disable CameraCompensation" disables also Roll-Compensation now

  • AccZ in 3D-Datastructure (for Ben) - Redundant Slave: copy the Current, State and Temperature from the UART Data
  • new structures for the NC-OSD-Dataframe: splitted in small parts for higher efficency
  • Messbereichsumschaltung (nur FC2.2 und 2.5)
    • beim Steigen alle ca. 100m macht der Kopter eine Messbereichsumschaltung - das wurde jetzt von 0,7sek auf 0,1 sek verkürzt - fällt in der Regel nicht weiter auf
  • Datenstruktur von "ExternalControl" geändert -> damit kann sich der MK nun komplett seriell bedienen lassen - auch ohne Sender

  • Die Höhenmessung wurde neu kalibriert -> der alte Wert war bei Meereshöhe ca. 5% zu hoch

    • User image

Reminder: how to start & stop the motors

Pitch/roll stick must be pushed into the bottom corner to start or stop the motors

{i} This is not new -> it was already implemented in Version 2.00

Number one cause of crashes is still accidentally switching off the Motors in flight - which is now effectively avoided

(The pitch / roll stick can be pushed into a corner either left or right)


/!\ Note: the 'normal' (old) ACC-Calibration is still Stick -> upper right corner.

But now the stick must be pressed minimum 5 seconds.


  • NC V2.10b: Speed for CH was too high
  • NC V2.10f: Avoids the error message "GPS Fix lost" during flight

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