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Is there a new software for the MikroKopter, you can do an update it easily.


Please use a MKUSB for a update !!!

Do not use a wireless connection. With a wireless connection you can have transmission errors and clear the software.
(See Update error)


Step 1: Unzip the file

The downloaded file is a compressed file with the name
In this compressed file you'll find the necessary software and the matching KopterTool.

  • The file "Software_MikroKopter" includes:

    • file Kopter_Tool_V2_XXx

      • contains the KopterTool

    • file PDF

      • contains Informations about the channel setting and the update
    • file Setting-Copter

      • contains two different settings for your MikroKopter (see also "PDF")

    • file Software

      • contains the Software for FlightCtrl / NaviCtrl

    • file Software-Redundant

      • contains the redundant Software for Master-/Slave-FlightCtrl / NaviCtrl

The easiest way is to unpack the file "Software_MikroKopter" to the desktop.
To do this make a double klick on the .zip file with the left mouse button. Move then the needed files via "drag & drop" to your desktop.

Step 2: connect MKUSB + FlightCtrl

Connect your MKUSB with your Windows-PC and your FlightCtrl-V3.

Do not close the Jumper on your MKUSB. The power supply of the FlightCtrl / NaviCtrl is done via the Copter / Lipo.
Power ON the transmitter and connect the Lipo with your copter.

Step 3: open the KopterTool

Open the folder "Software_MikroKopter". Here you find the folder KopterTool_V2.XXx.
To open the KopterTool start here the MikroKopter-Tool.exe.

If you open the KopterTool for the first time, you have to confirm the license terms .

If you see the mani window of the KopterTool press the button Firmware update & Terminal to open the Terminal window.

Step 4: Software update

In the Terminal window you can now start the update. This consists of two parts: Update FlightCtrl / update NaviCtrl:

  1. Click on the button Update Software (serial)...

  2. In the software window choose the first part
    • Flight-Ctrl_MEGA1284p_VX_XXx.hex

  3. Click on the button Open => update starts

    The update of the flight control software now runs through the terminal window.
    Wait until the update is done (white letters).

  4. again click on the button Update Software (serial)...

  5. In the software window choose now the second part
    • Navi-Ctrl_STR9_VX_XXx.hex

  6. Click on the button Open => update starts

    The update of the NaviCtrl software now runs through the terminal window.
    Also wait until the update is done (white letters).

The connection between copter and computer must not be interrupted during the update.

After the update is done, you can click on the button to MK-Tool... to go back to the main window.
There you can check the versions numbers.
(with the button NaviCtrl and FlightCtrl you can change the display)

After an update you have to check the functions before you fly.


If you use an empty microSD-Karte (max.2GB/FAT16) in your FlightCtrl V3.0, the file "settings.ini" is automatically created. In this file additional features are set.

If there is already a file "settings.ini", clear this file after an update.
After you power up the copter a new "settings.ini" is automatically created.

Update error

If something went wrong during the update, the software on the FlightCtrl V3.0 can be deleted. In that case you can mean that there is no connection and nothing works.

But do not panic. You can install the software quick and easy again.

This will help to install the software:

  • The copter / the FlightCtrl is:

    • connected via MK-USB with your computer (do NOT use a wireless connection!)

    • the battery is fully charged and connected with your copter
  • The terminal window is open and the right COM port is set

If you now start the update and if you see maybe now a TIMEOUT do this:

  1. Start the update again
  2. If there is no OK after 3-4 dots (behind "(try to reset Hardware....)" ->

    • open the battery connection and directly
    • close the battery connection
  3. Now you should have an OK behind the dots and the update should go further
    (you may need a few attempts to succeed)

If the update will not run, check the COM port and the connections.

If there is no way to update the FlightCtrl V3.0 again, please contact the MikroKopter support: