Step 9 - Check channels

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Step 9 - Check channels


  • Step 8 has been read.

Check channels

Under the tab Channels will be displayed on the left side the individual channels and also their allocation:

The channels 1 - 4 are assigned for the control of Throttle, Yaw, Nick and Roll.
The channels 5 - 12 are assigned to the POTI's 1 - 8.
Those POTI 1 - 8 can be assigned to each function in the setting.

On the right side you can find a graphical display of the channels. Below the display there is the channel, above the set value.
Has been the receiver correctly set up and saved the display should look in that way:

Example View 1:
Receiver with 12 channels

Are the channels on the transmitter already correctly assigned the display may look like this:

Example View 2:
Receiver GR-24 with 12 set up channels

If you move the control stick or press a switch on the transmitter the appropriate channel (bar) should change.

We assume in the Example View 2 that the transmitter is set up in MODE 2. For a transmitter which is set in a different mode the display is pretty similar.

In the Example View 2 we will see as follows:

  • Channel 1 (Throttle) => Stick down

  • Channel 2 (Roll) => Stick in middle position

  • Channel 3 (Nick) => Stick in middle position

  • Channel 4 (Yaw) => Stick in middle position

  • Channel 5 (POTI1) => "ON" (i.e. Function !Hold Height => 2-way switch at the transmitter)

  • Channel 6 (POTI2) => "OFF" (i.e. Function GPS "Free-PH-CH" => 3-way switch at the transmitter)

  • Channel 7 (POTI3) => "OFF"(i.e. Poti at the transmitter on "left stop")

  • Channel 8 (POTI4) => "OFF" (i.e. Function CareFree => 2-way switchat the transmitter)

  • Channel 9 (POTI5) => "OFF"(i.e. 3-way switch at the transmitter for further functions)

  • Channel 10 (POTI6) => "OFF"(i.e. 2-way switch at the transmitter for further functions)

  • Channel 11 (POTI7) => a little bit over middle position (i.e. Poti at the transmitter "turned not quite centered")

  • Channel 12 (POTI8) => "OFF" (i.e. button at the transmitter to trigger a camera)

<!> Moving the sticks or using the switches/buttons/potis the values above the graphical display should be in that way:

Servo travel

Stick for
Throttle and Nick

Stick for
Yaw and Roll

2- or 3-way
Switch at the

Button at the

Poti at the






left stop

Value = 0





right stop

Value = 254

middle position

middle position

3-way Switch on
middle position


Poti on
middle position

Value = 127

Are the values here as described in a range of "0" up to "254" everything is OK and it continues here: fr/Erstinbetriebnahme/Step10

<!> Is the display looking like as shown here you must set up correctly the "Servo settings" at the transmitter:

Here we can see that the value of the Servo at the transmitter is not in the range from "0" to "254" but only from "3" to "252".
With these wrong servo values a malfunction can occur. To avoid that should be on the transmitter for each channel the servo travel been adjusted properly.

The exact procedure and the setting are described in the instructions of the transmitter.

At the transmitter the menu point is called mostly "Servo Settings".
The servo travel can be changed for each channel at the transmitter. As a basic setting for each channel is 100%/100% set.

Why 100%/100% ?
For each channel whether it's a joystick, switch, button or potentiometer on the transmitter, it rules the servo travel. This is from -125 <=> 0 <=> +125.
The first 100% are assigned for the lower Servo travel (from -125 to 0) and the second 100% for the upper Servo travel (from 0 to +125).
To make it a little bit easier the servo travel is shown in the KopterTool from 0 <=> 127 <=> 254.

Now you can select the values 100%/100% and increase it slowly. The number should change over the appropriate channel in the display of the KopterTool.
Both percentage values should be increased with the same value. Is now the lower Servo travel i.e. raised to 105% should the upper Servo travel also been raised to 105%.

Everything OK? Than it continues here: fr/Erstinbetriebnahme/Step10