MikroKopter-Software Download

The latest software supports the hardware version:

  • FlightCtrl V2.1, FlightCtrl V2.5, FlightCtrl V3.0

    • and
  • all NaviCtrl hardware versions

This Software ist NOT for older FC hardware versions (FlightCtrl V2.0 and older).
These are only supported up to software version V2.12.

Information for installing the software can be found here: Link
Information for the latest software and new functions can be found here: Link
Here all Versions

MK - Software

V2.18 - Latest software + MikroKopter Tool
(ZIP Archive).

Latest driver for

* RangeExtender
* Bluetooth Set
* Wi.232 Set


To display and analyse the LOG files from SD card.
Information about the program: Link


Creates required text files for photogrammetry.
Information about the program: Link

remote service

remote service with password

V2.12 - Software + MikroKopter Tool

(ZIP Archive)
für FlightCtrl V2.0 / V1.x.