MikroKopter-Software Download

The latest software supports the hardware version:

  • FlightCtrl V2.1 / V2.5 / V3.0

    • and
  • all NaviCtrl versions

This Software ist NOT compatible for older FC hardware versions (FlightCtrl V2.0 and older).
The latest compatible software (V2.12) can be downloaded here: Download

* Information for installing the software can be found here: Link
* Information for the latest software and new functions can be found here: Link
* Here all Versions

MK - Software

V2.20 - Latest software + MikroKopter Tool
(ZIP Archive).

Setting "MK-Easy"
ready set setting for your MikroKopter
Channel assignment for Setting "MK-Easy": Link

Latest driver for
* RangeExtender
* Bluetooth Set
* Wi.232 Set

To display and analyse the LOG files from SD card.
Information about the program: Link

Creates required text files for photogrammetry.
Information about the program: Link

remote service
remote service with password