With the software for the MikroKopter you can set, adjust, check and change all - if you want.
In the basic settings, the MikroKopter can already fly very stable and agile.

MikroKopter - Software

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KopterTool - Setting

KopterTool - OSD Waypoint fly

MikroKopter-Tool Download



For Developers

The software of the different components (FlightCtrl etc.) is also available to other developers.

Source Code-Access
It is located in a Subversion-Repository. The access to it is described here: MikroKopterRepository

For that reason that AVR-Microcontroller are used by Atmel you need to have a so called AVR-Toolchain for Linux and OSX, or WinAVR for Windows.
Linux-User can get this package i.e. with the following terminal-command: apt-get install gcc-avr avr-libc. For Mac OS X there is an installer available: Crosspack].
You translate the sources simply with "make" and you will get .hex-files which can be transferred to the device via the KopterTool.
More detailed informationen you can find currently here: FlightCtrl-Software