My first copter was the protokopter, which has been in the air for about a year. Time to build a new copter, and time to try something other than a simple alu-square-cross. So, the G2 will feature completely non-revolutionizing rounded arms.. Initially, I'll just build the frame, and use the electronics from the "G1" copter. Hopefully the copter will be upgraded later on...


Name: Fishy / Jon Langseth
Email: My (primarily norwegian) website and blog is located at

The copter itself is built around an aluminium center, with glass-fibre round arms. I havent quite decided on the length of the arms yet.

Technical data

Dimensions: Unknown...

Battery: ProTek R/C 3S Li-Poly 20C 4000mAh

Transmitter: Graupner MC12

Reciever: DLS 4Top MK

Props: EPP1045

Takeoff weight: Unknown (still building)


Arrowind 2210-30

  • RPM/V 1200/1500
  • Max. efficiency current 8 - 10.5 A (>75%)

  • No load current / 10 V 0,5 A
  • Current capacity 18 A/60 s
  • Dimensions 22x10 mm
  • Shaft diameter 3 mm
  • Weight 45 g
  • Recommended model weight 220 - 350 g
  • Recommended prop without gearbox 6"-8"


FC 1.1 preassembled

BL_Ctrl 1.1 preassembled


More to come...