The protocopter is my (fishy's) first attempt at a flying model ever. I saw the Mikrokopter and its relatives for the first time ever at the Chaos Communication Camp 2007, and after seeing Holger flying round the hackcenter, I could not shake the fascination, I just had to build one!

I thought about the kopters a lot, read the forum here, and kept "windowshopping" for a long time, and finally decided I had to afford building it, and started ordering parts just before christmas 2007. Over the christmas, I got the protokopter built, and I an currently learning to fly!


Name: Fishy / Jon Langseth

I'm a fresh Kopter-builder with no model flying experience prior to building my first Mikrokopter, the protokopter. My location is in Norway, more precicely Gjøvik. My (primarily norwegian) website and blog is located at

Technical data

Battery: E-Sky 2100mAh LiPo

Transmitter: Graupner MC12

Reciever: DLS 4Top MK

Props: EPP1045

Takeoff weight: ~700g (need to get a better scale..)


Protech T0440.009 (replacement motor for Protech Cessna 400 kit).

  • Dimension: Ф30.6*62
  • Max Efficiency: 75%
  • Length : 6.5cm
  • Diameter : 3.5cm
  • Weight : 53 g
  • Working voltage : 7.2-12.6v
  • Speed constant : 1750 rpm/v


FC 1.1 preassembled

BL_Ctrl 1.1 preassembled


Self built 45cm 10x18mm alu cross with CenterPlate