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Since the software version 2.02a for NaviCtrl, the UBlox Modul can also send a NMEA Format.
This allows to send the data of the position of the copter to e.g. a camera with integrated data logging.

You can grab the data from the Debug-Port at the NaviCtrl or from the serial pads at the FlightCtrl V3.0.
The data is on PIN9 (Data) and PIN7 (GND) with 57600 Baud.


To send the NMEA signal via PIN9, we need a microSD-Karte (max. 2GB/FAT16) in the NaviCtrl / FlightCtrl V3.0.
If you use a new empty micro SD Karte the first time in your copter, the "SETTINGS.ini" will be created automatically on the SD card. The "SETTINGS.ini" includes then the needed parameter NMEA_INTERVAL.

If you already use a microSD card in your copter, you have to clear the "SETTINGS.ini" on the SD card after an software update. Then the new Software will create automatically a new "SETTINGS.ini" with all needed parameters.

With a text editor you can open and edit the parameter NMEA_INTERVAL in the "SETTINGS.ini".
Here you can adjust the data output interval (in ms):

  • 0 = disabled (Default)
  • 1 - ... = output interval in ms

The output is always at 57600 baud. This value is fixed can not be changed.

In the terminal window the output of NMEA can look like this:


In these examples you can see how to connect the cable:


FlightCtrl V3.0

Additional information about NMEA

More information about the NMEA format can be found here: