Flight simulation



(Logfile of this flight)

We implemented a physical model in the NC that behaves like it would fly. Now it is possible to simulate a flight path. It works in manual flight as well as with Waypoints.

Why do we need that

1st for Training

  • how to control the MK with the transmitter
  • try CareFree

  • how to start waypoint flight

2nd for Testing

  • Simulation of waypoint flights
  • camera angle test on Flights with POI
  • Triggering the camera
  • create and test logfiles

3rd for Development tool for 3rd party Software-Tools

  • the vitual MK acts on the serial interface as it would really fly

How to use

  • connect the MK to the PC
  • load a map
  • click into the map to select the starting point - that will be the Home-Position
  • press "start motors" (the don't really start) to start the virtual flight