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Release date: 09.11.2010



/!\ The Settings will be overwritten after the update to this version. Mixer settings, channel assignment, etc. must therefore be controlled and adjusted if necessary. Do not load old on the PC stored settings-files

Version for ACT-2,4GHz S3D-Receiver

/!\ only for this receiver-version


In the past it happened that users switched off the MK during flight by moving the gas/yaw stick into the left corner. Especially in the vario-altitude control mode that could happen

Now this can be avoided via a seperate channel.

On/off is disabled if the value of this channel is below 35

{i} Tip: you can put this onto the channel of the altitude controller. So you can't switch off with enabled hight-control

Camera servos

smoother control of the servos

This slows down the movement of the Cam-Servo

Camera Orientation

Distorted camera servos are supported now

reset of single settings

Parameter reset of individual settings possible

After clicking the /!\ iin the settings dialoge, there will come a question if the channels should be resettet also

  • Yes: channels will be resetted
  • No: the channels will not be changed


Variomode: Visibility of rise and fall Im Variomode kann man jetzt sehen, ob der Sollwert steigt oder fällt - entspricht +/-/= im Jeti-Display

Events on reaching the waypoints

The idea is, to trigger a camera (or similar) if the waypoint is reached. The camera can be connected on the bliking-outpots or can be controlled by a mechanical servo.
Dazu wird beim Erreichen eines Wegpunktes quasi ein Wert auf einen Kanal "WP-Event" gelegt.

If the waypoint is reached, a selectable value will be written into one virtual channel "WP-Event" - this can be used for blinking outouts or on a servo-outpot.

This value will be sent from the NaviControl to the FlightControl when the waypoint is reached.

The value is active during the waiting time on the waypoint. In the other time the value is zero.

A manual how to set this function and how to use it you can find in our Wiki: WaypointEvent


Auto-configuration of GPS-Modules through Navi-Ctrl

After switching on the MK, the NC will write a new -temporary- setting into the MKGPS.

If the NC shall not do so, you can disable that by adding a value " GPSAUTOCONFIG = 0 " into Settings.ini (on the SD-card in the NC) GPSAUTOCONFIG = 0


JetiBox Simulation

Use the right mouse-button in the Update-Window to open the Jeti-Menu

/!\ Please note

  • Do not use that during flight!

  • The reciver "JEti" must be selected as receiver type in the settings
  • only possible if the MKUSB is directly connected to the FC - not via the NaviControl

  • Switch off/on the MK when finished

Firmware Update of the RMK2-Jeti-Receiver

If a firmware-update of the RMK is nessecary, it is possible now. See: JetiUpdate


  • Twitches" of the servos resolved in short reception failures
  • Fix: Fix short beep when, but less than 6 Sats (was not in 0.80)
  • Fix: Koptertool failure of communication in certain circumstances
  • PH possible, even if there was still no startup Satfix (which allowed 0.80 then no PH)
  • Better behavior when the records come from the GPS irregular (> 12 Sats?)

  • The parameter GyroStability can be set up to the value of 16

V0.82b (FC V2.1 only)

More information regarding undervoltage settings here: UndervoltageSettings