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Firmware 0.80

Date of pubblication: 05.08.2010



Special version for the ACT-2,4GHz S3D receiver

/!\ works only with this 2,4GHz-s3d version!


Short version (just CareFree)

Long version (complete operations)

Free choice of orientation


It is now possible to determine where front should be. With the two arrows you can change the orientation in 15 ° increments.
In this example "front" would be between boom 2 and boom 3 and is marked in red.


  • This selection is NOT global -> it can be set differently for different settings

  • This function is available also without Navi-Ctrl board
  • The camera compensation on Roll and Nick is based on the direction of the arrow on the FC board and is not rotate -> possibly in a later release

  • WARNING: Looping do not work when the direction is modified (tr. note: from default value, same as FC arrow direction).


In this mode, the control direction of Nick and Roll is not made by "Front" definition, but by the direction in which is positioned the MK front at the Start engines moment. So you can yaw the MK without it having any co-rotation effect on Nick and Roll.

  • In this section one can choose a switch (or a poti) to activate / deactivate the function in flight. Warning: memorize the Front position before starting the engines.

  • With a 0 value it is always off.

  • With a 100 value it is always on (not recommended)



  • You must first get used to the fact there is no more front arm.
  • /!\ The pilot should not ever change orientation, otherwise will be confused.

  • For safety you should practice in an open area and use GPS-CH to get back.
  • The compass must be properly calibrated to work well and safely

  • WARNING: Looping will not work with Carefree
  • This feature requires a Navi Ctrl with a Compass

See also: CareFree

BL-Ctrl 2.0

Temperature display


In the display menu you can now see the temperature of the BL-Ctrl 2.0.

Note: the BL-Controllers < 2.0 will show a temperature at zero

Configuring the BL 2.0

You can now configure the BL-Ctrl 2.0. In order to show the BL-Ctrl Menu you must keep Ctrl pressed while clicking on Settings button


Meaning of the parameters:

  • Max. current: Sets the upper limit for the motor current in amperes. At higer currents it is not switched off but cut back
  • Temperature Limiter: Limits the maximum temperature of the board in °C. At higher temperatures are not turned off, but cut back (one percent per 0.1 ° C)
  • PWM Scaling: defines the maximum power at maximum setpoint. This allows you to limit the maximum thrust, without losing resolution on the gas control.
  • Start PWM: set PWM when you start the engines. When the motors start badly, you can modify this value.
  • Current Scaling: this value is used for individual fine tuning of the current measurement of a controller.
  • Reverse Direction: Here you can reverse the direction of a controller by software.


  • You can set the parameters of a single controller using its address, or even all at the same time (select "Any").
  • Only activated (front chackbox) parameters are set.
  • To store the settings permanently (ie, even after restart) in the controllers you must activate the option "Store to EEPROM" before writing.
  • The default settings can be loaded again when the button "Restore Default" is pressed. However, these are stored permanently only if you have also selected the option "Store to EEPROM".
  • Only settings of controllers whose gas mixing in the mixer table is greater than 0, which means are then used in the attitude control, can be written and read.

See also: BL-Ctrl_2.0

Status of error codes

Now there is a direct display in MK-Tool:

  • Green: Status of the board is normal

  • Red: Reports an error

In the virtual display and on the Jeti Box the error codes of the NC are shown

The motors cannot be started:

  • Gyro or ACC with problems
  • Carefree is enabled and there are erroneous data from the MK3MAG
  • With Altitude sensor activated and incorrect air pressure readings

See also: Error Codes.

Jeti Displays


Voltage [V]


Distance from Start [m]

Used capacity [mAh]

Flight time [mn:ss]

Altitude [m]

New compared to 0.78: the compass direction is now shown

Error Codes

If an error is present, is shown here: Error Codes.

Note: only with NaviCtrl connected

Temperature of the BL2.0-Controller

If BL Controller Version 2.0 are installed, they will appear here. In Hexa and Octo setups there are correspondingly shown 6 or 8 temperatures.

Battery - Data

(No modification from version 0.78)



Satellites number



Distance [m]

Direction [°]

New compared to 0.78: Here in addition is shown the GPS-speed (in m/s)

See also: JetiBox

Altitude regulation

The Altitude control has been revised in some places:

  • Bigger MikroKopter should show a better behavior

  • The pressure-P value has now weaker influence
  • The pressure-D value has now more influence
  • ACC-Z parameter has default settings now set to zero, as had been adversely affected under certain circumstances by vibrations from the propellers to the Altitude regulator. Who has little vibrations can set this value back to 30.
  • The balance of the Vario-gas amount controller is now better tuned to allow startup with activated Vario-level Regulator

Mikrokopter Tool:

MikroKopter.dll must be in the directory

You will find the link to the GeoTag-Page here:

Gravity point display

The display appears if you click on 3D and are connected to the FC (possibly click "Flight Control" first)

When the gravity point of the Mikrokopter is not on the summed thrust point of the engines (usually the middle), the point wanders out.

Of particular interest: Yaw (upper scale) When the frame is not straight, the MK must always oppose to the yaw. Now you can control this too.

New Parameter: GyroStability

This parameter can reduce the "hardness" of the attitude controller. In the beta test was noticed that there may be advantages to reduce the hardness.

Navi Control

Unlimited radius in Hold mode

  • PH can now also be operated outside the 250m radius.

Dynamic Position Hold

The PH-point can now change better in this version.

In PH mode the "braking" portions of the GPS controller remain active. Thus the MK logins (tr. note: new position hold point acquisition) when touching the sticks are not as hard as on or off.

The GPS controller thus works more evenly when you fly in PH mode.

The PH-login time was reduced to 2 seconds.


The log is made as standard GPX (more precisely: to create the file SETTINGS.INI (use) a blank SD card) -- if necessary, manually delete this file from the SD memory card

Log in GPX are now also saved with the error code


Advanced lipo cell detection

After turning on the FC attempts to detect the number of cells from 2s to 6s Lipo. This recognition is not always safe for 5s and depends on the condition of the battery discharge. It can happen that an empty 5s will be recognized as 4s and 6s as an empty 5s.

/!\ Caution in dealing with this function in batteries with more than 4 cells. Always listen to the number of beeps after power up. Alternatively, anter the below voltage warning manually (in 0.1 volts).

Motors start only after calibration

The motors can be started only if after switching on the MK was calibrated at least once. Otherwise, you will hear a beeping at 1Hz.

/!\ During calibration the MK must not move.


  • Beeps every second when the Navigation is lost, or also when the GPS connection is interrupted
  • Stick settings have been eased a little in beginner mode


/!\ The Settings will be overwritten after the update to this version.

Mixer settings, channel assignment, etc. must therefore be controlled and adjusted if necessary.


Version V0.80e

Version V0.80f

  • Altitude control: in the mode "limitation" it was possible, that the MK rised too high

Version V0.80g

  • extended measurement-range for pressure sensor activated - for altitudes > 1000m above sea-level