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  1. Camera


If a camera mount is used at the Kopter you can set here the functions of the servos (Nick/Roll). Those servos like SV2 => Servo1 (Nick) and SV3 => Servo2 (Roll) are connected to the FlightCtrl (Connections FlightCtrl2.0/2.1).
The camera mount will be automatically controlled by the FlightCtrl for the Nick- and Rollposition. If the camera mount is moving into the wrong direction while moving the Kopter you can throughout activating/deactivating of the casket for Reverse Direction adjust that.

If you want to tilt the camera mount you can use a rotary potentiometer at your transmitter.
To this rotary potentiometer you need to assign a channel at your transmitter. That channel is then also assigned to a "Poti 1-8" (Channels).

This Poti can be assigned now for the "Servo Control" and for Nick:


Further setting options are described in the Expert Settings: Expert Settings