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EasySetup - Channels


Overview -> Channels


Function + Channel




  • The first 4 channels are for the controlling of the copter. These have already been set as follows:
    • Gas => Default channel 1

    • Yaw => Default channel 4

    • Nick => Default channel 3

    • Roll => Default channel 2

    This channel setting is suitable for the Mode 2 of different remote controls.
    If necessary, the channels can also be set individually.

    With the green bar (beside Gas, Yaw, Roll, Nick) you can check the right function of the sticks on your transmitter.
    When you move the sticks, the bar must move in the same direction.

  • Tipp: If the bar is moving in the other direction then you move the stick, change the direction of the channel in your transmitter (see manual of the transmitter).



  • All other channels your used transmitter offers you can set and use for the other functions of your copter.
    You will see that some functions can be set with a fix value or with a channel. For this channel we can set here a POTI
    These have already been set as follows:

    • POTI1 => Default channel 5

    • POTI2 => Default channel 6

    • POTI3 => Default channel 7

    • POTI4 => Default channel 8

    • POTI5 => Default channel 9

    • POTI6 => Default channel 10

    • POTI7 => Default channel 11

    • POTI8 => Default channel 12

    Instead of the preset channel you can also set here a serial channel (to control a function via the computer), a fix channel value (Min. / Max. / Middle) or the controlling via a waypoint event.

Channel 1-16


With the bar you can check the function of every single channel your transmitter offer.
If you now move a stick or use a switch or potentiometer on your transmitter, you can see here the moving bar of the (in the transmitter) set channel.
Above the bar you can see a number.

The number shows you =>

  • Channel OFF (e.g. a switch is in position OFF)
    => Channel number "0" -> bar is down

  • Channel center (e.g. a Potentiometer or a 3way switch is centered)
    => Channel number "127" -> bar is in the middle

  • Channel ON (e.g. a switch is in position ON)
    => Channel number "254" -> bar is full

Select receiver




  • To receiver the right channels you have to set here the right receiver.
    Please note that the receiver must use a

    • PPM-summ signal or a

    • serial signal or a

    • S-Bus

    A receiver only with pur servo outputs can not be used.

    How to connect the receiver you can see here: Receiver_connections

  • The available receivers are:
    • Multisignal (PPM)
      • => Standard receiver (e.g. ACT DSL4 top, 2.4GHz-Receiver R6107SP)

    • Spektrum Satellit
      • => 2.4GHz satellite receiver Spektrum

    • Spektrum Satellit (HIRES)
      • => 2.4GHz satellite receiver with high resolution of Spektrum (2048) (e.g. DSX7, DX8, DSX9, DSX12)

    • Spektrum Satellit (LowRES)
      • => 2.4GHz satellite-receiver with low resolution (512) (is used in some plug-in modules)

    • Jeti Satellit
      • => 2.4GHz Jeti Satellit (e.g. RMK2)
        With this setting, the output of the telemetry is activated too.
        Displayed is the telemetry e.g. on the Jeti Box or Jeti transmitter.

    • ACT DSL
      • => Special 35 MHz receiver with PPM sum signal

    • Graupner HoTT
      • => 2.4GHz Graupner HoTT receiver (e.g. GR-12, GR-16, GR-24)
        With this setting, the output of the telemetry is activated too.
        Displayed is the telemetry on the display of the transmitter.

    • Futaba S.BUS
      • => 2.4GHz Futaba S.BUS receiver
        ~-(To connect a S.BUS Receiver to th eFlightCtrl you need a Signal inverter (Shoplink).

    • Benutzer(User)
      • => Free for programmer.


  • http://gallery3.mikrokopter.de/var/albums/intern/KopterTool_ab_V2_0/Einstellungen_ab_2_14/Details/en/en_Empfaenger.jpg?m=1467628789

    The telemetry of the copter can be shown on a Graupner Hott or a Jeti transmitter.
    (unfortunately other transmitters do not support the MK telemetry display )

    If the used transmitter also have a speaker and the right voice file you can hear warnings etc. Then you can activate here "Telemetry: Speak all events" .
    (see also informations about the transmitters: Graupner HoTT / Jeti