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The MikroKopter tool, short KopterTool is a Windows-program with the settings on all MikroKopter-components such as FlightCtrl, NaviCtrl, MK3Mag, MK-GPS.
Supported Windows versions are 98/2000/XP/Windows7 (eventually need admin rights to be awarded).

Win7: Do not copy the MK-Tool to Program Files !

{i} To use a Windows-program like the KopterTool on a MAC, you need on your MAC a program like e.g.
Darwine or WineBottler.



The KopterTool will not be installed. It is as .zip-file available and can be used directly after unpacking.
The actual version you can get here: Download

Win7: Do not copy the MK-Tool to Program Files !

Connecting preparation

In front of the first start of the KopterTool and to set the individual components, the MK-USB have to be installed on the PC.

{i} How you can connected and set up the MK-USB to the PC can be found here: MK-USB


(Alternatively, the SerCon be used for the connection. This, however, requires a correct COM port.
A COM-USB adapter can not be used !!)

  • {i} If there is no MK-USB (or Sercon) connected to the PC, you cant open/use the KopterTool!
    Also if there is no item (FlightCtrl, NaviCtrl, etc.) connect, you can't use the settings.

First start of KopterTool

After the MK-USB is set and connected to the PC the KopterTool can be open.

At the first start you see the license window:


This window displays the license agreement to use the tool MikroKopter. Also you can chose the language and the COM-port.
The COM port should be set to the MK-USB.
(Which COM port is assigned to the MK-USB, you can control in the Windows Device Manager under COM and LPT ports.)

With a "click" on Akzeptieren / Accept you accepted the license conditions, the default language setting and the COM port.
Now you see the start window of the KopterTool:

(View without attached board)

  • {i} If an incorrect COM port is set, it can be set new in the terminal window of the KopterTool.
    You can access the terminal windows by pressing the button Firmware update & Terminal in the KopterTool.
    Left down the COM port can be set.

    (With a "click" on the button Debug... you can go back to the main window.)

Connection of modules

After completion of a new Kopter the FlightCtrl can be connected to the MK-USB.
The FlightCtrl and also the other (connected) components (such as NaviCtrl, MK3Mag, etc.) can be programmed now.

{i} Connection to the Kopter:

  • Flight-Ctrl single installed =>

    • MK-USB is connected to the 10-pin connector "Ext" of the Flight-Ctrl.

    Flight-Ctrl and GPS system (NaviCtrl, MK3Mag, MK-GPS) installed =>

    • MK-USB is connected to the 10-pin connector "Debug" of the NaviCtrl.

/!\ The 10-pin ribbon cable must be connected from terminal "1" (red-marked side) to the terminal "1" of each board !
The contact "1" is marked on the boards with a print.

If the ready copter is connected, the jumper should be open at the MK-USB and supplied by a lipo or a regulated power supply.

Especially for first operation it is highly recommended to use the regulated power supply
because if errors occur the components will be not destroyed.

Here are some examples of how to connect the modules to the MK-USB.

The red arrows mark each pin "1"









{i} Are the boards, as shown in the pictures, individually connected, the jumper to supply power to the components should be closed on the MK-USB.

First Connection

Depending on whether the Kopter is connected to the FlightCtrl or when using the GPS system on the NaviCtrl, the startup screen should look like this:

Kopter with FlightCtrl, BL-Ctrl and Receiver.

opter with FlightCtrl, BL-Ctrl, GPS-System and receiver.



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