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Shoplink : MK-USB V3


The MK-USB is an interface to connect the MikroKopter with an Computer via the USB port.
With the MK-USB you can make an software update, change the settings, see the telemetry (in the KopterTool) or send waypoints to your copter.

(connect with FlightCtrl V3.0)

The MK-USB V3 has 2 connections.

  • USB
    -> Mini-USB connector - Connection via USB cable to the computer

  • Molex
    -> Connection to FlightCtrl V3.0 or other modules with suitable connection
    (Info: Can not be used with older FlightCtrl, NaviCtrl, BL-Ctrl)

  • Jumper 5V
    -> Jumper to power up a connected module
    (Info: You can not power up the FlightCtrl V3.0 with the MK-USB V3. The FlightCtrl is supplied via the lipo.)

Driver - Installation

To use the MK-USB V3 with your computer you have to install a driver. If the MK-USB is connected the first time with your computer the driver will normally installed automatically. For this the computer need an internet connection.
(Device Manager)

If the driver is installed correct the MK-USB gets automatically a new free COM port.

In the "Device-Manager" you can check the new COM Port.
With the keyboard shortcut "Windows + Break", you can quickly open the Device Manager.

{i} If the driver is not installed automatically you can download it here: VCP-Treiber

(How to install a driver in the "Device-Manager" you can find in the Internet.)


In the KopterTool you have to set now the right COM port for the MK-USB. This you can do in the "terminal window".

To open the "terminal window" click on the Button Firmware Update & Terminal.

Zum Öffnen -> Bild oder Text anklicken


Terminal Fenster

If the COM port is set the green point beside the Com port must be "light green". If not, click on it with the left mouse button.
Via the button Debug... you can go back to the main window.

When you connect the MikroKopter with the MK-USB you will see some data in the "terminal window". In the main window you can see some values with numbers at the left. If not check the com port setting, close the KopterTool and open it again.