Release date: 12.10.2015




Here you can download the single files:

How to update?



  • The settings are reset


store/call single points easily by a switch

  • There was a requests from the film production to fly to a certain position even easier.
  • This is needed for tracking shots.

Video one point

/!\ Note: In this video only one point was used - in combination with the Next waypoint channel, there are multiple points possible

Video multiple points

You just have to assign a 3-way switch (or a slider)

Next WP Channel

You can assign a button with which you can jump to the next save point and load point.

So you can manually program a small Waypoint Flight during the flight.

Save positions:

  1. Fly to 1st position
  2. Switch (Single WP Control) to 'Save' -> this position is then stored as the first point

  3. if you want to save several points, you press the button at the new location

Load positions:

  1. Switch (Single WP Control) to 'Load' -> the stored position is then loaded as Waypoint

  2. Turn on CH - starts the waypoint flight
  3. if you want to call the other points, you press the button to a new location

The counter for the active point is reset by:

  • Turn the 'Single WP Control' switch in the center position
  • Pressing the button for 3 seconds

Switch in HoTT / Jeti menu

Using the button, you automatically switch to the next point, when you're in the corresponding Jeti / HoTT menu: (Save / Load of single points).

In the menu "memory single point":



  • The button on the transmitter does the following: Increase the number and save

  • Pressing the button for 3 seconds sets the number to zero.

In the menu "Load single point":





  • The button on the transmitter does the following: Increase the number and load

  • Pressing the button for 3 seconds sets the number to zero.

KopterTool: distance and flight time at Waypoint flights

Display of distance and estimated flight time

/!\ Note: the flight time is the minimum time. The real flight speed might be slower in windy conditions or in a case of large number of waypoints.

GPS Setting

Improved performance

  • In case of unfavorable GPS constellations, etc. short GPS Fix loss with a position jump coud occure
  • Furthermore, it may come to a swinginig of speed when the GPS receiver was influenced by disturbances
  • Both were successfully resolved

Beidou, Glonass, GPS

Theses sat-systems can be selected for navigation

  3. GPS
  4. GLNAS
  • Use the setting on the SD-Card:

Japanese QZSS

GPS-System: The QZSS_System can also be activated

  • # GPS QZSS mode (0 = off, 1 = on) (Japan)

/!\ Note: to utilize the new parameters, the SETTINGS.INI should be deleted on the SD card. After restart, the NC creates a new file.

If the SETTINGS.INI is not changed, everything is as default (GPS + GLONASS)


  • - new message: ERR38: "GPS Update Rate" if Update Rate is lower than 5Hz

    - Logfile: <GPSInfo> : UpdateFrequency, Flags and Type of Fix - Only for Simulation: Bugfix: Rotation direction of relative Waypoints - Redundance: If CareFree was activated in the slave, but no NC was connected, the FC reported "Redundancy error", because the slave was not ready. - GPS-Data rate in the logfile: <GPSInfo>

Reminder: how to start & stop the motors

Pitch/roll stick must be pushed into the bottom corner to start or stop the motors

{i} This is not new -> it was already implemented in Version 2.00

Number one cause of crashes is still accidentally switching off the Motors in flight - which is now effectively avoided

(The pitch / roll stick can be pushed into a corner either left or right)


/!\ Note: the ACC-Calibration is still Stick -> upper right corner - but now push it for 5 seconds in the corner

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