Release date 12th march 2014



  • Public Beta 2.03: Forum

  • New Waypoint feature: Forum


Here you can download the single files:

How to update?



  • The settings are reset
  • The compass must be re-calibrated (see here)

ComingHome at undervoltage

  • Now there is a voltage level that initiates coming home automatically if the battery level is low
  • it can be set under "misc" in the KopterTool-Settings

  • If the values stay as they are, the MK will come home automatically at 3,2V/cell and lands automatically if the voltage drops below 3,1V/cell

/!\ Note: It switches from PH into CH. GPS-Free still means: GPS off


  • Undervoltage message: 3,3V/cell
  • Auto-Coming home: 3,2V/cell
  • Autolanding: 3,1V/cell

Manual control at Coming-Home

  • The MK used to switch to "GPS-OFF" if the pilot used the Sticks. For beginners that was too difficult, because the control was too direct and too fast.
  • Now the MK goes into "Dynamic position hold" if the sticks are moved.

Speed control at Coming home

  • Now there is a parameter on the SD-card to set the speed for coming home. Default is 8,0m/sec = 29km/h = 18Miles/hour
  • The speed is now controled by a special algorithm and the MK accelerates and brakes slowly now.
  • If you want to change the value: Delete the SETTINGS.INI from the SD-Card (by a PC) and let the NC create e new file. Then change the value.

Loading Waypoints via the transmitter

  • Waypoints lists can be stored on the SD-Card in the NC.
  • The points can be used as fixed coordinates or as Template on a different position

Sending waypoint lists to the SD-Card

In the KopterTool there is a new option to store the waypoint list into the SD-card in the NC.

  • The KopterTool sends the points to the NC and stores them under a selected item. (1-3 in the normal Version and 1-99 in commercial NC with license)

  • You can select a name. That will be shown on the telemetry display of the transmitter. (Note: This is not the file-name)

loading the waypoint list by the transmitter

The waypoints can be loaded via the HoTT or Jeti menu before, or during the flight.


  • the menü is in the Text-Telemety. Press "ESC" long and select "Setting and Data viev". Go to the last menu with the right button and back left to select the menu.
  • Choose the index (UP/Down)
  • Select with (SET)


  • select the menu and press Down
  • Choose the index (Up/Down)
  • Load the list with "Key right"
  • Back with "Left"

loading fix positions

  • The use should be clear: The single points are on the position where they were placed on the map.
  • If you are in Los Angeles and you load a list from New York, you will get an error message: "Waypoint out of Range"

loading relative positions as templates

This is new! Basically the waypoint list is internally moved so, that the first point in the list is mapped onto the current position. Also, the waypoint list is rotated in the actual MK-direction.

  • If you have a waypoint program that makes a panorama or flys a circle around an object, you can select "load relative".
  • The you can use this flight wherever you are - independent where you placed the points on the map.


  • You can call a panorama program (the Mk rotates in different directions and shoots photos).
  • {i} Simply load the Waypoints via the transmitter menu - you don't need a Laptop.

  • Also different rows of photos are possible.
  • The parorama will be processed on the current position in flight.

More Information: Panorama

Circle : reversed panorama

  • Circle flight around an object - Point of interest (POI))
  • You could fly directly over the Object and call the waypoint list. Then the MK flys around this marked object automatically and shoots photos.
  • There is also a simple solution if you don't have the possibility to fly close to the object.

{i} The same here: Simply load the Waypoints via the transmitter menu - you don't need a Loptop.

Flying waypoints

  • The points can be loaded before, or during the flight.
  • Change the GPS-Mode to "CH" to start the Waypoint flight.
  • Cancel the Waypoint flight be siwitching to "GPS-Free" and back to "GPS-CH"

External compass

Support of the ExternalCompass


Reminder: how to start & stop the motors

Pitch/roll stick must be pushed into the bottom corner to start or stop the motors

{i} This is not new -> it was already implemented in Version 2.00

Number one cause of crashes is still accidentally switching off the Motors in flight - which is now effectively avoided

(The pitch / roll stick can be pushed into a corner either left or right)


  • New parameters for Geomag-Calculation --> for 2014

  • Selftest during compass calibration. New message: "Error 24: Compass Sensor"
  • HoTT-Transmitter speaks at last waypoint "Waypoint reached"
  • Voltage measurement: higher accuracy
  • Allowed neutral level of the ACC-Z increased
  • Note: Compass must be re-caibrated

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