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The preinstalled J2ME Environments on many windows-mobile devices do usually not comprise JSR-82 – which means no Bluetooth support. Since this is important for the appropriate use of DUBwise, a couple of instructions mentioned below have to be carried out for devices without JSR-82 to enable a J2ME environment including JSR-82. With the DUBwise Installer, it can be tested whether or not the installed J2ME-environment comprises a JSR-82: in case no warning is received on start-up, everything is OK – otherwise one has to use one of the below mentioned workarounds.

Installation with PhoneME


  • download phoneME Advanced Dual Stack - Foundation (with MIDP support) for your windows-mobile version (the Zip-Version)

  • download a ZIP with DUBwise for PhoneME corresponding to your resolution here ( /!\ The resolution within PhoneME does not necessarily have to fit the physical resolution of the device – in case the resolution does not work, just download a different ZIP)


  • Create the folder "\Internal memory\DUBwise" on your mobile (you can also use a different folder, but then you have to adapt the paths in the DUBwise.lnk and the start.txt - windows-mobile seems to not be familiar with relative paths…...)
  • unpack the content of both ZIP-files in the created folder
  • open DUBwise.lnk