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What is DUBwise?

  • DUBwise is the acronym for:
    • Digital UFO Broadcasting with intelligent service equipment

  • It is a Tool for Mobile Phones to interact with a unmanned QuadroKopter to increase Fun and support SeriousUseCases. Read the section Features to see what you can do with it exactly or contact me for further questions. Some background and progress can be found in the DUBwise section of the my blog.


J2ME Version

  • Audio ( Voice Samples) Voltage Output - the actual Voltage is played in an adjustable interval so that you dont have to look at the Display to know how's the battery
  • Cockpit-Screen with Artificial Horizon, Flight-Time, Altitude ( + max alt ) , Ground-Speed ( only with Navi ) , Orientation ( only with navi )
  • Acoustic Altitude Indicator
  • Fly the MikroKopter - its not really precice to pilot the MK with digital sticks - but its really cool - have a look at video section

  • draw Graphs with Nick integral / Roll integral / Nick acc / Roll acc - to check if the Sensors are working proper
  • test each motor ( set the speed for one or all Motors like MotorTest in the MK-Tool )

  • Draw LCD of mk - to display several Info-Pages the MikroKopter provides

  • View all DebugValues - look at several Values the MK Provides - some are in the LCD too , but this method is faster

  • Read, Edit, and reinitialize Parameters from MK
  • Save MK-Parameters to Phone and Copy parameters from Phone to MK ( for settings backup and copying of params from one MK to another MK )
  • Proxy Function ( send Data from MK via TCP/IP to socket )
  • save MK MAC/Name - so that scanning is only needed once ( you have to Quit via the Menu-Item - not the systems Exit button or simply turning the Phone off)
  • display Versions of FC ; NC ; MK3MAG
  • reconnect after connection loss
  • Flash MK / Navi / MK3MAG Firmware
  • Display data from the Remote to check if sticks are assigned correctly
  • Display data from the Navi-Ctrl
  • Check for Navi-Errors
  • Connection via Bluetooth ( jsr-82 ) ; comport and TCP/IP
  • Write the default mixer-tables
  • Multi-Language Support - actual German / English / French / Dutch

Android Version

  • test each motor
  • Draw LCD of mk - to display several Info-Pages the MikroKopter provides

  • view RC-Data ( channels )
  • display Power / RC-Status
  • initial Piloting interfaces ( ACC & Multitouch )

  • Interface for Flight-Settings
  • View all DebugValues - look at several Values the MK Provides - some are in the LCD too , but this method is faster

  • Read & Edit Parameters from UFO

  • draw Graphs with Nick integral / Roll integral / Nick acc / Roll acc - to check if the Sensors are working proper
  • Cockpit-Screen with Artificial Horizon
  • Connection via Bluetooth and TCP/IP ( with QMK protocol )
  • Write/Read/Edit mixer-tables
  • Voice output for important values ( Voltage , Height , .. )
  • View position and orientation of UFO on a Map
  • Draw FlightPlan and upload it to UFO ( + read / write to MK )

  • BlackBox function ( write csv )




  • go to the Android Market and search for DUBwise

Windows Mobile



  • There is no ready to Download Iphone build of DUBwise - but there is a project called xmlvm ( ) which can do "Android to Iphone" . Some Apple enthusiast has to try this because I dont give a dam about Apple with it's closed stuff ;-)


  • Video by Jamiro ( Showing the new Audio Features of DUBwise on start )

  • Video by Speedy

  • Screencast ( Version 0.52 - sorry for the bad audio)

  • Holger Flying his MikroKopter with DUBwise:

  • Motortest with the Android Version:

  • Orientation View ( piloting screen) with the Android Version:


How To Use


via Bluetooth

  • it depends on the device a bit - first you should try:
  • 1.)Enable BT on your phone after switching on the MK
  • 2.)Start DUBwise
  • 3.)go to "connection -> connect via BT" to search for devices

  • 4.)Enter code (if needed)

  • /!\ if that fails ( e.g. DUBwise does not find the Device ) try this:

  • 1.)Enable BT on your phone after switching on the MK
  • 2.)Search for devices on your phone
  • 3.)Pair your phone with the MK
  • 4.)Start DUBwise
  • 5.)Search for devices again
  • 6.)Enter code (if needed)



  • The star brings you back to the main menu ( /!\ If you have a touchscreen device you can touch the upper bar where the symbols are )

  • up / down / fire to select

In the Graph Screen

  • 3 -> Freeze

  • 5 -> toggle Legend

  • 7 -> toggle scale


  • touch on the top-bar ( where e.g. the Voltage is ) to get back to the main-menu
  • touch on an menu-item to select it - touch again to execute
  • if there is a value to edit touch on the left side to decrement and touch on the right side to increment

Supported Devices

Trouble Shooting


  • Problem


    short Range

    build DUBwiseRangeExtender

    KeyControl has no Effect

    Check Parameter External Control in the current Setting


  • Problem


    "Incompatible Device" Error

    try updating your MK or Navi board to the latest Version

    no Sound

    check if your mobile is in silent mode or volume is at 0

    no Sound

    try the version with wav or 64kbit in the filename

    Settings are not saved

    Make sure you exit DUBwise via the menu entry "quit" in the main menu


  • Problem


    no Sound

    check if you can access the memory card - e.g. a problem when connected via USB to access memory card

Notes / Known Issues


  • If you configure your Bluetooth-Module with a security PIN - keep in mind that some J2ME - Mobile Phones are having Problems with PINs which are not Alpha-Numeric - so you better not use souch a PIN to prevent to have to reconfigure the Bluetooth-Module.
  • Your Settings are only saved when you close DUBwise via quit in the main menu ( Background: This should prevent you from fucking up your DUBwise installation with Settings that are not working on your Hardware )

PhoneME specific

  • you have to close DUBwise via quit in the main menu! If you close via the X in the upper right you dont really close DUBwise ...


Work in Progress

  • Port to Android
  • Support for Wolferl-NG QuadKopter

  • trigger mobile-cammera via FC

mid term

  • log data/csv ( send via TCP/IP ; save )
  • Sound Alarms on Batt low or other triggers
  • Battery Charging Log with camera and barcodes

long term

  • live video & osd generation as background for the piloting screen

  • lead - function - gps on Phone and QC needed - QC always holds position in a defined distance to the phone
  • get Firmwares to flash via TCP/IP
  • making lib to be useable with desktop JAVA / will be sceduled after bluecove for linux is ready ( anounced for next Version)
  • triangulate MK by BT rssi
  • Define which DebugValues are shown on Graph with which color ( implicit graph switch of )


  • (Creative Commons / Non Commercial / Share Alike)

  • /!\ Addtitonally to this Licence it is not allowed to use this project in any violent manner! This explicitly includes that lethal Weapon owning "People" and Organisations (e.g. Army & Police) are not allowed to use this Project.


    If you wanna participate in Development have a look at this page And there are several things beside Coding where you could help:

    • Translation of the Wiki page
    • Translation of DUBwise ( contact me if you are willing - i will include the translations into the code )
    • Correct my typos ;-)

    • Documentation
    • Screenshots
    • Device Tests ( Testing in general )
    • Improve Graphics
    • Improve Audio samples
    • ...


  • Holger&Ingo for the MikroKopter Project

  • CaScAdE for Testing and Graphics
  • Orion8 for inspiration
  • Joko for Testing and Comments
  • Speedy for Audio Editing / Graphics & blogging about this tool

  • Jamiro for the new Icon
  • SelectaT for Audio Samples and Testing

  • kmpec for lending me his Diamond
  • JiPsi for translation to french

  • Stefano Sanna & Emanuele Di Saverio for the android bluetooth lib

  • Philip De Pauw for proof reading and translation to dutch

DUBwise in the Media