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ARF-OktoXL 6S12

See also: ARF Overview


ARF-OktoXL 6S12

The ARF-Okto XL 6S12 is a powerful, fully assembled and tested MikroKopter "Made in Germany". With the increased CFK frame the 6S12 wins clearly of rigidity and gets also a better flight characteristic. And with the new Brushless controller V3, the Motor MK3644 and a powerful 6S LiPo this copter can handle a payload up to 4Kg.
This "workaholic" is ideal for safe and efficient operation. The operational area includes the Film Production, Photography, thermography, inspection, measurement. Also possible are many other applications.
You can fly the copter quickly like a sports car or slow and light as a feather through the air.

== Main features==

  • There are no Models or model flying skills required
  • Stable frame construction reinforced with CFK sheathing
  • Extremely lightweight construction
  • Payload up to 2,5Kg
  • compact design (H/W/D => 450/735/735)

  • GPS and autopilot system including
  • Autostart und -land
  • PositionHold, ComingHome, CareFree, Waypoint flight

  • Auto FailSafe

  • Auto ComingHome

  • HandsFree => Hands of the sticks = The MikroKopter automatically stops at the current level and position

  • Altitude up to 5000m above sea level
  • Long flight times (Depending on the total weight LiPo, Weather ratio)

  • 5-10% longer flight time
  • Power supply with 6S LiPo (4x LiPo 6S/4500mAh include)

  • High landing gear with 30 cm height of passage (Replacement landing gear included)
  • Optical signaling of e.g. Battery warning or triggering on the photo copter
  • LOG-Safe (All flight information is stored during flight in a LOG file)
  • Totally weight <5Kg (include 1x LiPo and standard (Video-) camera)

  • redundant design (Optional. E.g. required for admission in Austria)
  • Incl. commercial software license (allows additional features)
  • Telemetry with voice output: Voltage, capacity, power, altitude, distance, direction, speed, temperature, ...
  • Introduction to the device incl. Certificate (on demand)

Out of the Box

Four small steps and you can fly:

  • mount the LiPo Holder

  • Attach landing feet
  • Attach receiver
  • Attach propeller
  • Fly

No soldering is required.

For the first flight and to practice it is recommended to mount the included EPP propeller. If you then fly with payload, use the also included high-quality carbon fiber propeller.

Transmitter functions

All significant functions of the OktoKopter can be conveniently controlled from the ground:

  • Pitch / roll / yaw gas to fly
  • GPS-Mode
  • Altitude control
  • camera tilt
  • Camera triggering (Video Start / Stop or continuous shooting)
  • Direction of Independent control mode "Carefree"
  • ...

All transmitters you can buy at the MikroKopter shop are already preset for immediate use. Here the functions are optimally positioned for easy use.
example image


All important information at a glance:

The following values are displayed in the Telemetry menu:

  • battery voltage
  • Flight time
  • Used Lipo-capacity
  • Altitude
  • Orientation of the copter
  • Current draw
  • Number of GPS satellites
  • airspeed
  • Distance and direction to the starting position
  • an error message in plain text

Additionally further information (like the temperatures of the individual motor electronics (brushless controller)) can be retrieved.

Speech output

The transmitter has a built-in speech output. This allows to retrieve e.g all values of the telemetry as an announcement.
So if you use e.g. the GPS switch the transmitter will say "GPS-hold".
Furthermore, important messages (like "Low voltage") are automatically spoken.


each ARF copter includes a guide with all the necessary information.
Here you can take a look on it:
(To open -> Click on image)


More Sexy

Carbon reinforced frame parts

Huge landing gear

powerful engines

Recommended accessories

Battery charger



(Here you see the transmitter with additional 7" Monitor)


Camera mount