en/Google Earth Maps for OSD


The OSD waypoint editor enables GPS londitude and latitude co-ordinates to be plotted and uploaded to the Navi Board so the MK can fly to those points by satellite GPS control. In order to interafce with the positions of the waypoints the OSD editor enables an image to the loaded in the editor window. The boundary of the window mark the lon and lat of the area the window will cover. It is therefore important to load an image in the editor and to correctly interpret the position of the loaded map .jpg file by entering the londitude and latitude.

Creating a Google Earth Map

You will need to install Google Earth on your PC


Open Google earth and find the area you wish to use.
On the main menu select 'Add' and 'Image Overlay'. You will now have a dialog box with 5 tabs. Select the 'Location' tab.
Now select 'Convert to Lat and Long on Quad'. This will display the co-ordinates of the edges of the area bounded by the green box.

Take a screen shot of the screen including the dialog box with the co-ordinates. You may need to take a timed shot as the dialog box may disappear when using the screenshot tool.

Save the screen shot file as a .jpg

You will now need to crop the image so the edges of the green box are the limits of the map..jpg. It is also a good idea to either cut and paste the co-ordinates into the map.jpg or to type the co-ordinates onto the image. The image will then need to be cropped to the edges of he green box. Save the image as a .jpg and keep it in a separate folder.