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Draw Grid

In the MikroKopter-OSD you will get with a "click" on the tab "Grid" and on "Draw Grid" into the Waypoint-Generator.

With this function two diffenrent grids can be displayed.
First at all two different radii can be displayed around the starting point. Secondly you can generate one grid.
Both can be applied individually or together in any size.

This can, for example, be very helpful if you divide a map into regions or set WayPoints only within a certain area.
Also you can display the possible flight radius for the WayPoints around the starting point.


The radius for the NaviCtrl without license is 250mtr.

This radius is only active at the WayPoint-Flight or while using a FollowMe-transmitter.

All other functions like "PositionHold", "ComingHome" or "CareFree" are not affected.
Those functions can be used in the full radius according to the functions provided by your transmitter/receiver.

(Questions about the license can be placed directly to: HiSystem)

Describtion of the function:

Create Grid

Draw Radius

View Radius (Circle) activate/deactivate

Radius [m]

Diameter first radius in meter (must be smaller than second radius)

Radius [m]

Diameter second radius in meter (must be greater than first radius)


Selection color of radius 1+2

Draw Grid

View Grid activate/deactivate

Grid width [m]

Grid width in meter

Grid Height [m]

Grid Height in meter


Selection color of the grid

Draw Grid

Creates a radius/grid on the map

Example 1 - Display Radius

In the first example two radii should be displayed. The first one should be displayed in 100mtr. and the second one in 250mrt. around the starting point.

Step 1
First at all you need to mark the starting point in the map. This is the middlepoint where the circles are built.
Here you need to mark the appropriate spot on the map with a "left click" of your mouse.
At this spot appears a marking point

Step 2
Than "Draw Radius" will be activated and under "Radius [m]" you set first the first circle and then the second one.
You can choose also any color to make the circle well visible (depends on the map).

{i} Info:

  • The first radius must be smaller than the second one! The meter data is NOT the diameter of the circle.
    The distance between the edge of the circle and the starting point (center of the circle) will be entered.

Step 3
Are the values been entered you can display the radii with a "Click" on the button "Draw Grid".

The radii will be displayed in the map. In addition appears on the left side nan information about the set up values.
The display on the map could look in this way:

Example 2 - Display Grid

In the next example a grid should be displayed on the map. The grid should have a size of approx. 100mtr x 50mtr.

First you need to mark the starting point on the map. Then you activate "Draw Grid".
Now you can set under "Grid width [m]" and "Grid Height [m]" the width and the height.
Then you can choose any color to make the grid well visible (depends on the map).

In the map the grid will be displayed. In addition appears on the left side nan information about the set up values.
The display on the map could look in this way:

Show or hide grid / radii

The created radii or grids can be shown and hide.
Here you can choose under the tab "Grid" the point "Display Grid":