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Walkera Spacewalker

Shoplink Spacewalker + Accessories + Spare parts


(Illustration with optional mini MK-Hood)

The Spacewalker is a small, harmless and an easy-to-fly Kopter. This makes it ideal for use as a training Kopter.
All control functions like Throttle, Yaw, Nick and Roll are similar to a big MikroKopter.

INFO: The Spacewalker can only be used with a Devo transmitter (i.e. Devo7). Who has got no Devo transmitter should order the Kopter with a transmitter. If you have already a transmitter like that, you can order the Kopter without the transmitter.

Bind transmitter with Spacewalker

Whenever the transmitter is turned on and the LiPo is plugged to the Spacewalker both devices rebind with each other.
That can take a few moments.

Here you can find now the order in which way the transmitter and the Spacewalker bind to each other:

  1. All switches on the transmitter need to be pushed away from you. (Important) (otherwise the transmitter "beeps" continuously)
  2. Move throttle all the way down.
    ("TH 0%" should appear in the display. If not, the trim can be misadjusted. Adjust it with the trim lever next to the throttle stick.)

  3. Switch ON the transmitter - the transmitter makes short "beep-beep" (higher + lower tone)
  4. Now connect within 10 seconds the battery on the Kopter:

    • LED on the Kopter blinks fast and after a few seconds the LED lights permanently
    • after another few seconds another "beep-beep" comes from the transmitter and the LED on the Kopter flashes slowly
    • after another few seconds the LED lights permanently on the Kopter.
    • Done!

Now you can move the throttle stick slowly upwards. The motors should start.

Mount the Mini MK-Hood

The optional mini MK-Hood can be adjusted in a few steps for the Spacewalker (or for other "Mini-Kopter").

Crop the cover

Punch holes

Cut bar

Mount cover

(To enlarge -> Click on the image)

The riggers have a diameter of around ~4mm. The punched holes in the hood should have a little bigger diameter.
In that way you can mount the hood later on easier.

Alternatively, the holes can be cut also into the hood with i.e. nail scissors.

(To enlarge -> Click on the image)

MK-Style - Change propellers

Like the big MikroKopter the front rigger is colored different. To have here the same style you can replace the the coloured propellers.

Loose the orange back and
the black front

... and switch them


Replace the both orange back propellers with 2 black spare propellers

(To enlarge -> Click on the image)

Please make sure when you replace the propellers that the rotation direction of the propellers is not changed.

The propellers are tight on the motors and can be pulled off carefully. They are not glued.