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Software Download


With the KopterTool you can easily and quickly download the latest software for the MikroKopter assemblies, the latest KopterTool and the GPX-Viewer too.
How this works is described here.


  • To download the software, you must have an Internet connection.

    You can use the latest software on your Kopter.
    The software between the FlightCtrl and the NaviCtrl should be compatible. This can be seen on the version numbers.

    The last number of the versions should be the same. E.G. FlightCtrl = V0.86.x and NaviCtrl V0.26.x .
    Also the KopterTool version must be right. The versions Nr. must be like V1.76.x.

    An update of the BL-Ctrl, the GPS, or (who has) the MK3Mag is usually not required.

Open Terminal-Window

After the KopterTool is open, you can "click" on the button Firmware update & Terminal...

...and the Terminal-Window will open.

Here in the Terminal-Window you can "click" on the loupe button and the window for the
download will open up:

Here you can find quick and easy the latest versions of firmware.

{i} The MK-tool does not send / receive data automatically to / from the internet. To display the current software versions,
you should use first the button Version List update

After this update of the latest versions, the module can be selected in the middle tab for which you want to download the software.
In example for the FlightCtrl:

In the upper (white) window the current (and older) software versions are shown. Here you can choose (by clicking) the desired software version.
After an click on the needed version, the version information will be displayed in the (green) window below.

To download the file, simply "click" on Download.

The downloads will be stored in the subdirectory "Downloads" in the MikroKopter Tool program directory.
(This directory will open normally automatically from the KopterTool when you update.)

To change quick into that directory, you can do it with the button Open Downloads:

To download additional software just repeat the steps above.
If you're finish, close that window with an click on the button Close:

With these downloaded files you can now update the individual components.
How that works can be found here: Update

Download the software out of the SVN

Alternatively you can also download directly from SVN a current software version.
Information can be found in the Expert Functions: SVN