Software development, Compiling of the code

Here you can read how to compile the AVR-Code of the FlightControl.

Compiler under Windows

1. Download and install the 20060421 - Version of the WinAVR-Compiler (please do NOT use newer versions of the compiler - they will create much slower code!). See also Forum

2. Download a Subversion-Client and use the MikroKopterRepository

See also in the Forum: Link

3. Start the Programmers Notepad and open the the project "File" -> "Open Project(s)..."

4. Under Tools you will find "Make Clean" and "Make All"

Normally wou will get an output like this:

Errors: none
kore-------- end --------

The Compiler creates the Hex-File - You can download the HEx-File via the Mikrokopter-Tool into the FlightControl

In case that there are some errors under Windows 7 (path not found), you must run the Compiler once with Admin rights.

No communication to FC after insatlling new Hex-File

In case you made some Bugs in your code and you lost connection to the FC:

In that case the FC might not listen to the reset command during update attempt.

  • connect the update cable directly to the FC
  • start Updating process (KopterTool)

  • switch on the FC in the moment when the PC prints "trying to connect..."

Lib not compatible

In case you get that error-message, the Lib.a is not compatible to your sources.

  • make sure that the LIBFC_Init() is called with LIBFC_Init(LIB_FC_COMPATIBLE)

Installing the new Firmware

The new Hex-File must be installed via the KopterTool (like every normal version)

/!\ Do never connect a ATMEL-ISP-Programmer, that would delete the Bootloader and further updates will be impossible.

Projekt Samples

Telemetrie+ Version v0.88e

Jeti+ Version v0.86d

HOTT+ Testversion, FC v0.86d

Spektrum DX8 Channel Expander for 12 Channels!

ACC-HH Version: V0.86d_ACC-HH_HR_MartinR

Code Redesign by killagreg

Support für Mode 1 und 4 in FC V0.84a

dongfang FC Rewrite