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MikroKopter Map-Tool

MikroKopter Map-Tool

With our MikroKopter Map-Tool you can create very easy maps for your waypoint navigation.
Each saved map is already georeferenced. The coordinates of the vertices will be saved with the map.
The map view can be saved with a single image or a zoom level.

Open the Map-Generator

You can open the MikroKopter Map-Tool:


Card size

  • If you open the MikroKopter MAP-Tool with the KopterTool OSD, the coordinates of the MikroKopter (if connected) and the size of the OSD map window (Link) will be submitted to the program.
    But you can also manually enter the desired card size (width / height) and press the button set size.öße_en.jpg?m=1437561409


  • For smaller screens you can change the view by selecting small preview.

Search address

  • If you will search the location,insert the name under search and press the button OK.

Current position

  • A click on Go to current pos. will open the current position of your Copter.
    (only if the copter is connected and has a !Satfix)

Save map

  • As a single JPG image
    The displayed map can be stored as a single .jpg image. For this select
    as JPG
    and press the button
    generate. The image is then saved on your computer. The file name
    consists of the name "mkmapgen" and the current date. Example: mkmapgen.2015_07_22.jpg

  • As MKZ file with zoom
    If you only press generate (without
    as JPG) you will get a MKZ File. With this file you
    can zoom the picture in 2 steps in the KopterTool OSD. The MKZ file consists of the name "mkmapgen" and
    the current date. Example: mkmapgen.2015_07_22.mkz

    The MKZ file is a zipped file which can be opened with any unzipper.
    The file contains an image of the displayed view (mkmapgen.jpg), and an image with
    a zoom level less (mkmapgen1.jpg).
    You can switch between the zoom levels in KopterTool OSD by using the +/- button: