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 . {{attachment:MKGPS1/MK-GPS-recover_20090224_112815.png}}  . {{attachment:MKGPS/MK-GPS-recover_20090224_112815.png}}
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http://mikrocontroller.cco-ev.de/images/deu.gif Seite in deutsch

http://mikrocontroller.cco-ev.de/images/fra.gif page en francais

See also: NaviCtrl, MK3Mag



Install antenna
The antenna is installed so that the marking (a small dot) points towards the LED. This way the antenna is mounted precisely in the middle of the PCB. Secure the Antenna using the mounted sticky tape and solder the antenna connection on the lower side of the PCB.

  • Set the solder Jumper to 'passiv' if the included passive patch antenna is used.
  • Set the solder Jumper to 'aktiv' if an active antenna is used.



The Antenna needs to points upwards. There is a small arrow in one of the corners. Please point this towards Motor#1 (front). Install the included cable between MKGPS and NaviCtrl.

/!\ The connecting plug towards NaviCtrl should be inserted into socket NAV (Can be seen in the above picture next to the ublox module). Whilst insertion into the USB socket does not cause any damage, there would be no transfer of GPS data towards the NaviCtrl!

http://gallery.mikrokopter.de/main.php/v/tech/GPS_On_Top2.jpg.html http://gallery.mikrokopter.de/main.php/v/tech/GPS_On_Top1.jpg.html http://gallery.mikrokopter.de/main.php/v/Nachbau/MikroKopter_L4_1.jpg.html

The black area around the antenna patch is also needed for GPS reception and must remain free. A plastic cover must not directly touch the GPS patch.

Initial Functionality tests

Solder a Pin row onto the Debug interface on the NaviCtrl and connect this with the Sercon using the SIO interface - No jumper on Sercon. Open the KopterTool. In the KopterTool, the parameter GPS-Data Counter should be continually increasing – this indicates that the GPS is correctly connected and data is being correctly read. For related related topics: Koptertool and NaviCtrl See also: NaviCtrl.


A GPS Fix is indicated by a flashing green LED on the MKGPS.

During the first start-up, the NaviCtrl will build a complete Almanac/Index. This contains satellite positions and paths. A complete cycle to build this Almanac takes 12.5 minutes.

Based on the last known position the fix will from then on be built up much quicker.

If the fix takes a longer time, it could be that the small battery on the GPS board is too weak. The battery is normally charged to about 3V. The battery is always charged when the GPS module is in operation. If the battery voltage is significantly lower than 3.0 V, it can be charged by providing power to the GPS module. One way is through the Naviboard's USB port (with the MKGPS connected). The ribbon cable to the FC should be removed. Another method is to power the MKGPS with 5V on one of the "5V-Pads" on the edge and 0V on ground (GND). Charging takes about 24 hours.

The purpose of the battery is to keep the ephemerides in RAM and the realtime clock running after power off to shorten the re-aquire time.

Information: GPS_Compendium(GPS-X-02007).pdf

Improvement of the signal strenght by using the GPS-Shield



This is an enlargement of the ground-plane of the GPS-Receiver to increase the signal strenght. Also it shields the antenna against electro magnetic fields of the other electronics.

See also: GPS-Shield


Schematic in PDF


Since Navi-Ctrl software version 0.22a the MKGPS is auto-configured during the startup phase. A manual configuration is not necessary and also not recomended.

The following information for the manual configuration of the MKGPS is only for experts.

/!\ Warning: A misconfiguration can cause a lock out and an access to the MKGPS is not possible anymore. The auto configuration feature will fail also in this case.

To disable the auto-configuration feature the Navi-Ctrl needs a MicroSD-Card in the slot. After startup the software creates a configuration file named SETTINGS.INI on the card. Removing the card from the slot and opening the file with a text editor on the PC the SETTINGS.INI can be modified. The entry GPSAUTOCONFIG = 1 must be changed to GPSAUTOCONFIG = 0 and the card has to be put back into the slot at the Navi-Ctrl permanently.


The gps configuration software can be downloded here U-Blox-Center. The uBlox config file is transferred into the LEA-4H via USB or serial port.

Settings Store/Re-store

  • Here the MKGPS is already connected to the NaviCtrl, click on the MKGPS button

  • MKGPS/MK-GPS-recover_20090224_112815.png

  • . Confirm:
  • MKGPS/MK-GPS-recover_20090224_112818.png

  • . Note message and continue :)

  • MKGPS/MK-GPS-recover_20090224_112820.png

How to set GPS to Debug-Mode at a later time:
If you are not able to get an GPS-Fix at a later time and you are not able to set up communication to MKGPS with U-Center you can activate
the Debug-Mode by setting up a normal connection with your Kopter-Tool Software. If comunication is enabled click on the GPS-Button as usual
and close the upcomming window afterwards by holding ALT simultaneous. Now close the Kopter-Tool an open U-Center. Choose your COM-Port
(as used in Kopter-Tool) and set the baudrate to 57000 baud. Now you have again access to the MK-GPS like you have after first installation.
You dont have to do this step during the first time installation.
!!ATTENTION!! You can totally lock out yourself from GPS-Module if you dont follow the steps correctly!

Ublox Datacenter

  • Now the behavior of the NaviCtrl is transparent to us. Launch the U-blox Datacenter and open the serial port:

  • MKGPS/MK-GPS-recover_20090224_113128.png

  • . Select GPS Configuration:
  • MKGPS/MK-GPS-recover_20090224_113136.png

  • . Load the configuration file:
  • MKGPS/MK-GPS-recover_20090224_113142.png

  • . Select the Store configuration checkbox.
  • Click File >> GPS:

  • MKGPS/MK-GPS-recover_20090224_113150.png

  • . Configuration is flashed into the MKGPS:
  • MKGPS/MK-GPS-recover_20090224_113213.png

  • /!\ ToDo: more to be done here

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