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see also: JetiDuplex, Flight-Control Version 0.82


Jeti RMK2 V1.22

The update of the reiceiver to version V1.22 will give you now an errorfree receiving of the 12 channels.
It came up with a sporadic and short receiving problem before but it didn't caused a crash because it was to short. Typical was a short "shake" of the camera-servos.

{i} Hint: During the transfer of max. 8 channels this problem didn't appear.

Jeti RMK2 V2.01

The function "Fail Save" is now possible up to 16 channels.

Jeti-Receiver Update

Check on the SW-Version of the Jeti-Receiver

You can do it also from the Jeti-Box at the transmitter:

  • Switch ON MikroKopter and transmitter (Jeti-Receiver must be connected before)

  • JetiBox one time right to "<- RX ->"

  • JetiBox one time down to change to the menus of the RMK2

  • JetiBox three times right. Now you see the Firmware version ("FW ver. x.xx")

with connection to FC2.1

{i} Therefore the MK-USB must be connected to the FlightCtrl !

Since Version 0.82 the FlightCtrl can be updated with a Jeti-Receiver connected to a FC2.1 .

/!\ You can't update the RMK1 with this tool - it's not really necessary!

  • Therefore click with the right mouse-button into the grey area next to the Update-Button and choose "activate Jeti update mode"
  • Attention: As a type of receiver "Jeti" must be choosen before in the Kopter-Tool
  • The Kopter-Tool will open a data-channel to the Jeti-Receiver and will be closed
  • Afterwards you can use the program "Jeti_RMK2_Updater_x_yyy.exe" to update the receiver

  • Attention: The MK-USB must be direct connected to the FC ( it doesn't go through the NC )
  • May be the receiver must be connected again
  • After the update the RMK2 must be connected new to the transmitter.

with Flight-Control <2.1

If you use a smaller version rather than V2.1 it could be possible that the FC causes a "Reset" after you reconnect the RMK2. It's the matter of fact that's not enough capacity on the +V-site.

It'll help you, if you leave the 6-pole-cable connected between FC and NaviControl. The FC uses the capacity of the NC and do not cause a "Reset" after reconnected.

Connection to MK-USB

You can also do an update with this small circuit, if you do not have the Jeti-data cable to the FC:

You can directly use the program "Jeti_RMK2_Updater_1_22.exe" without a start-up of the Kopter-Tool before.

more hints

  • With the Update-Tool you can't setup the COM-Port manually. The tool finds the FT232RL-Chip of the MKUSB by itself.
  • You have to use for the Jeti-Update a MKUSB ( or one with the FT232RL-Chip), a different serial adapter is not working.
  • You should only use one MKUSB-Adapter connected to the PC, otherwise a different one will be activated.
  • During the update the little LED must be flashing !

More information to the Jeti-Recweiver RMK2 and the setup for the Fail Save you can get under: Jeti receiver

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