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We have many email questions of the HexaKopter shown on that Video above. This page should answer some questions

Technical Data of that HexaKopter

  • flight-time: up to 36 minutes with small payload. If you don't believe it, click here

  • max. payload: 0,8-1,0kg (in the Video I used 1,3kg as payload for demonstration)
  • weight: 1200g (including Lipo; without Camera)

XL Hexakopter (MK Hexa XL)

  • flight-time: up to 40 minutes with small payload. If you don't believe it, click Video

  • max. payload: 1,5kg
  • weight: 2200g (including Lipo; without Camera)
MK-Hexa XL with Canon 5D Mark II

What is the MikroKopter used for?

  • aerial photographs Forum Link

  • measurements (air-quality, temperature, ...)
  • Hobby

Flyer Download a flyer


Here you find a Video of other features


More Videos:


The MikroKopter-project started in German. That is the reason why most of the pages are in German language.

But the Hompepage is a Wiki and all members can add their informations and translations and so the number of translated pages grows constantly.

Here a list of translated pages

Shops - Where to buy?

We have an internet shop here

You can also find a list of partner shops. They resell the MikroKopter components in their country.

Shops in USA:

Which components were used in that video?

The Hexa comes in a Kit for self assembly

Building instructions: Hexa

It is quite similar to the okto: OktoKopter

GPS and Navigation

For the GPS-Extension the following three items are required:

  • NaviCtrl (Navigation controller incl. SD-cardslot)

  • MKGPS (GPS-Receiver)

  • MK3Mag (MK3Mag - Compass; the one without ACC is sufficient here)

RC-Transmitter + receiver

wireless communication

to have a wireless data-connection to a PC

Camera mounting