Date 20th Dec 2013




How to update?

Like always: SoftwareUpdate


  • The settings will be set to default

Auto landing at low voltage

A voltage level can be defined that starts the Autolanding-procedure. If the voltage drops below that level, the MK will descend with the descend rate, that is defined for "Autolanding" A fixed voltage (125 = 12,5V) or a cell-voltage (32 = 3,2V) can be used like in the undervoltage setting.

/!\ Small hint:

  • The voltage should be lower or equal to the undervoltage setting.
  • In case, the autolanding-voltage would be above the undervoltage, the MK would wait until the undervoltage warning.

Support for BL V3

If the new Brushless controllers V3 are used, this version is needed.


Since this version, the FC recognises the BL V3 and changes the algorithms for attitude control accordingly.


Press "CTRL" on the Keyboard while opening the Settings dialoge of the KopterTool to go into the Settings of the BL V3.

Compass Offset

  • Now it is possible to use an offset angle for the compass. This value will be added to the measured compass value.
  • Means: If the compass is mounted 10° clockwise, the value must bei -10°.
  • TrueCompass = Measured + Offset - Inclination

/!\ Note:

If you use a normal NC without rotation, the value must be 0°

Cameratrigger: waiting time on the Waypoint:

The problem was that the last waypoint on the photos were blurred when the MK already flies to the next point.

Now the NC waits until the flashing pattern was finished.

Eg waiting time 1sec, but the flashing pattern would take 5 seconds -> MK waits 5 seconds

Exception 1

If the waiting time at waypoint is longer than the blinking pattern, MK waits a 2nd (or more) times. eg: 7sec delay and blink pattern takes 5 seconds -> MK 2 * waits 5 seconds -> 10 seconds

Exception 2

If the waiting time at waypoint 0, the NC is not waiting

Flashing pattern at waypoints

In the past it was not possible to wait a while on the waypoint before the first photo was shot.

New is the "IDLE"-Bit. That sets the Output to OFF or ON between the waypoints.


The GPS-Coordinate is now integrated into the telemetry.

You might need to delete and reload the sensors in the transmitter if you don't see the new parameters.

Changes for HoTT

3.1 - The GPS-Data in the transmitter Logfiles are now compatible to HoTT-Upgrade-Studio (GPS-Pfad path in GoogleMaps) -> now in Degree + Minutes.Decimalminutes 3.2 - Who uses the "DataExplorer" for viewing the data, would need the original "Graupner HoTT2" Filter now. 3.3 - Added extended data into the Transmitter Logfile (see my next post)

  1. GyroCompass

  2. Magnet Compass
  3. Magnet [%]
  4. Magnetic Inclination
  5. I2C-Errors
  6. HomeDirection

  7. Lipo Voltage
  8. Lipo Voltage
  9. Minimum Temperature BL-Ctrl
  10. Maximum Temperature BL-Ctrl
  11. ErrorCode

  12. Lipo [%]
  13. HomeDistance

  14. Altitude [m]
  15. Steigrate
  16. SpeakHoTT (Sprachausgabe)
  17. Current [A]
  18. Lipo Voltage
  19. Capacity

NMEA Output on the NC-Interface

  • For example for cameras with GPS-Input
  • You can select the interval on the SD-Card
  • If the NMEA is activated, [b]Google-Earth[/b] can show the realtime coordinate via the COM-Port Screenshot

  • If active, the uBlox-Tool can understand the NMEA data directy (Set Baudrate to 57600) Screenshot


Parts of the old GPS routines were re-activated so that the behavior in PH is similar to the old version. Some users felt that the behavior was slightly better at 0.90.

Here a Video of this Software-version.

(5 minutes only PH)

/!\ Note:

  • In older Versions, the parameter GPS-ACC was zero by default. In this version this parameter is important and must not be zero.

  • Try to increase that if there are still problems in PH.

Nick-servo function can be disabled

That is needed if BL-Gimbals are connected and the gimbal should use the camera-nick for POIs.

Other changes

  • Do not start if MK is moving or the sensors are giving wrong signals
  • Flights with vario altitude-control possible up to 3000m from ground - in older versions it was limited until 950m.
  • Compensation of the barometric altitude error in high altitudes (barometric altitude formular)
  • Reduce Nick/Roll when switching off. That will reduce Beim Ausschalten Nick und Roll-Vorgaben reduzieren. So the MK will not easily turn over if the Nick/Roll stick is used to switch off.
  • virtual menu: showing of the single BL-Currents
  • HOTT & Jeti bugfix: sometimes the min/max-temnperatures were wrong

  • (since NC2.00f) Bugfix: in locations with big magnetic declinations, the MK had an Heading error when flying Waypoints and dPH
  • (since NC2.00f) If the MK starts without GPS-Fix, ComingHome was disabled. Now the Position for CH is the first GPS-Fix in flight -> in most cases that is close to the starting point and better than not coming back

  • The reset-command via the serial interface is ignored if the motors are running
  • Maximum Altitude: Hott Speaks: "Max. Altitude"
  • external compass sensor supported

  • changing the GPS-Modul-setting to "Airborne" (like in old versions <= 0.90)


  • FC2.02b: Bigfix for Dodeca (12 motors) -> BL-Telemetry didn't work

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