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New version with panorama-trigger, emergency-throttle parameter, vario and settings beeps and minor bugfixes.


Info-page and motor-test:

Jump from page to page with the left and right buttons. The last page is Motor-test. Pressing the button from here will jump to the first page.

Parameter-pages and saving:

On the first page press down to jump directly to page 10. Jump though pages with left and right, the last page is "Save settings". Press right to go to page 1.

Change parameter-value: On the selected page press down once, and select the parameter in question with right or left. You can change the value with up and down.

Panorama trigger

When the panorama trigger is enabled, it enables J16 at the predefined angle. Using Output 1 (J16) the bitmask must be empty, and the low-voltage warning must be disabled. Placement-check: The red LED on the FC is parallel to the J16 Panaroma trigger output.

UserParameter 4 Angle between triggering, standard: 10...180

UserParameter 5 200 Trigger delay

UserParameter 6 170 Trigger interval, adjust for camera, 170 for Canon 5D with cable-release, value: 150...190

UserParameter 7 2 Motorsmoothing, 0 = original Code, value: 1...100

UserParameter 8 200 Panotrigger enabled when >=200

Vario beeps

If UserParameter 3 is >= 1, and you are on the page 1 of the Jeti-box outputs, the JetiBox beeps when ascending or descending.

The low-voltage warning-beeping overrides this functionality.


- Throttle-values for motor 1 through 8 is shown in the debug interface, not just 1 through 4.

- Values between 248 and 255 defines a Poti-number.

- Motortest-value is locked to 100 for security-reasons.

- Major code-changes for ATMega 644 Micro-controller version (shortened total amount of code):

  • MKTool Display removed.
  • Remaining Spektrum-routines removed.
  • Debug output minimized.
  • Jeti-simulation removed.
  • External control removed.

-In the 644 version MK-Tool displays "waiting for data". This is normal and due to the shortening of the code.

- Page 1 is now only visible after gyro-calibration or after 10 seconds.



For Atmega 644p (<= FC 2.0)

For Atmega 1284p (FC 2.1)

Page 1 to 4

Same as:

On page 3 the maximum total current of the flight is displayed when the motors are stopped and when flying with this page active.

Page 5

Amps for each motor and total current when number of motors <= 6.

It shows the maximum total current of the flight, when the motors are stopped and when flying with this page active.

Motorströme, und Gesamtstrom wenn Anzahl Motoren <=6 Motoren

Es werden die maximalen Motorströme angezeigt wenn: Die Motoren nicht mehr laufen und wenn beim fliegen diese Jetiseite aktiv ist

Pressing up or down changes the display-speed.

Page 6

I2C errors for motors 1 through 8

Pressing up or down changes the display-speed.

Page 7

Displays center of gravity.

Nick-value positive = COG forward.

Roll-value positive = COG left.

Pge 8

HG/4 = HoverGas/4; Hoverthrottle point Gas = MK throttle point; Throttlestick point

Page 9


Press left and down/up at the same time to select motor to test. Press right and up to display the resulting current (factor 10).

Page 10

SP1 = Seriel Poti 1

SP2 = Seriel Poti 2

SP2 = Seriel Poti 3

SP2 = Seriel Poti 4

If the value is 127, the range is controlled by a poti.

Seite 11

HD = Barometric D

HA = Accelerometer influence

HP = Alt P

HM = Altitude Hold MinGas

Page 12

HV = Hover variation

HZ = GPS Z influence

HG = Gain

NG = Emergency throttle-point

Page 13

StP = Stick_P

SGP = Yaw_P

StD = Stick_D

DrC = Drift compensation

Page 14

GYP = Gyro P

GYI = Gyro I

GYD = Gyro D

MaI = Main I

Page 15

GGP = Gyro Yaw P

GSt = Gyro Stability

GGI = Gyro Yaw I

DSt = Dynamic Stability

Page 16

NGG = Navi GPS Gain

NSC = Navi Speed Compensation

NWC = Navi Wind Correction

NAL = Navi Angle Limitation

Seite 17

NP = Navi GPS-P

NI = Navi GPS-I

ND = Navi GPS-D

Seite 18

LGL = Loop throttle Limit

LHy = Loop Hysteresis

LTh = Loop Threshold

Page 19

FGP = Axis Coupling 1 (Yaw positive Feedback)

FNR = Axis Coupling (Nick / Roll Feedback)

CYC = Coupling Yaw Correction

UP7 = UserParameter 7

(Can enable Motor-Smoothing by Arthur P, 0 = off as a standard MK, 2..5 recommended. The motor-values will not change as abruptly and thus providing a more calm hover.)

Page 20

NCT = Nick Servo control

NCP = Nick Compensation : 0 = compensation off.

RCT = Roll Servo control

RCP = Roll Compensation : 0 = compensation off.

Page 21


Looping config-value 0...15, decimal

0 = no looping, 15 = Looping in every directions possible, displayed by < > and ^ v

Page 22

Switch between:

  • Height limition control; "switched Hight v"
  • Vario altitude control; "Vario withbeep ^"

Page 23

Save settings (works only when motors are off) Press both right/left button to save.

Press both up/down to load settings from current bank, and erase possible changes from RAM.