Step 3 - Connect the Kopter with the PC

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Step 3 - Connect the Kopter with the PC


  • Step2 has been read.

Connect Kopter with PC

Is the KopterTool and the MK-USB installed and set up there is now a good time to connect the Kopter over the MK-USB to your PC/Laptop.

Here now you need to connect right in polarity the ribbon cable to the MK-USB and the FlightCtrl (or another module).

<!> If you connect the ribbon cable in a wrong way you may be damage the boards.

Two things you should know:

  • On ALL boards is on the TOP-side and on the right next to the pin-header a "1" printed.

  • The ribbon cable has on one side a red mark.

The red mark should point to the printed "1".

Wether or not if you have connected only the FlightCtrl or already the GPS-System, the connection to the Kopter looks in that way:

Example photo: Connection to FlightCtrl

Example photo: Connection to NaviCtrl

The jumper on the MK-USB has to be open.

Everything OK? Then it continues here: en/Erstinbetriebnahme/Step4