Step 14 - Control commands

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Step 14 - Control commands


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Before the first start

Now everything is prepared on the Kopter for the first flight.

To START and to STOP the engines there are also certain stick positions like as for the calibration.

Here are the three main commands:

Example view transmitter Mode 2

Function =>

Calibration of the Gyros

(Before every Start and after disconnecting the power supply.)

Description of the
stick assignment =>

Throttle up / Yaw left / Nick middle / Roll middle

Function =>

Start the engines

Description of the
stick assignment =>

Throttle down / Yaw right / Nick down / Roll right

Function =>

Stop the motors

Description of the
stick assignment =>

Throttle down / Yaw left / Nick down / Roll left

:) We wish you now alot of fun and success with your first flight tests.

PS: Don't forget your sunglasses if it's sunny outside. B)


The stick positions for all functions and views for the modes 1-4 you can find here: StickSetup

More information about the KopterTool you can find here: KopterTool

What you can set up more in the Settings you can find here: MK-Parameter


For the first flight tests you should search for a big field with alot of space in all directions.

Although the Kopter is easy to fly but it does take some practice to handle it correctly.
For the beginning you should practice starts and landings and the hovering in a low height on a spot.
If you are getting better you can increase the step before.

All sides of the Initial startup together: en/Erstinbetriebnahme/Step15