Step 10 - Camera mount

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Step 10 - Camera mount


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<!> Who has got no camera mount right now at the Kopter can skip this point and continue with the next "Step".

Install Camera mount

If already a camera mount is assembled to the Kopter it need to be connected correctly to the FlightCtrl:

Set Camera mount

Is a camera mount assembled to the Kopter can these be controlled via the FlightCtrl and automatically kept in balance.
Under the tab Camera the function can be set for that.

After the calibration of the Gyros (is described in a later "Step") the camera mount is adjusting by itself.
Previously the servos are not activated and have no reaction to commands / movements of the Kopter.

The "Servo control" has a pre-set value of 128 for the orientation of the camera mount:

Is the camera mount after the calibration not straight you can change the values for Nick and Roll to compensate this.
You can increase/decrease the value. After saving the new value by clicking the button WRITE the camera mount changes accordingly.
You can repeat this as long as the camera mount is straight under the Kopter.

If you want to adjust yourself the tilt over a potentiometer at your transmitter in addition to the automatic alignment of the camera mount,
you can enter a fixed value with the "Servo control" instead of a potentiometer. We remember: the POTI 1-8 are assigned to a channel.

In our example in the previous "Step 9" there is a potentiometer at the transmitter assigned to Channel 7. This is in the channel setup's POTI 3.
This POTI 3 => Channel 7 we can enter for Nick instead of the fixed value:

With this settings you can change now the tilt (Nick direction) of the camera mount over the potentiometer at your transmitter.
If you want to set yourself also the Roll direction over a Poti at your transmitter, you need to assign a free channel. That channel need to be entered under Roll and over the appropriate POTI 1-8.

{i} The alignment of the camera mount will be done over the Poti's at your transmitter.

The Nick compensation needn't be changed. This setting controls the influence of the nick angle and the roll angle in correspondence to the servo.

The servo travel for both servos is already set by default under Servo min: and Servo max:.
Who still needs a greater servo travel can adjust this here:

There are no needs to set up more right now. More information about different settings you can get later here: MK-Parameter

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