Step 1 - Kopter-Check


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Step 1 - Kopter-Check

Before the Kopter will be powered up the first time after a successful assembly you should review your work again.

<!> For that reason that it is an electronic model a solder bridge or an improperly connected cable can destroy hours of work within seconds.

What should you check?
Here are some hints:

  • The red outrigger is pointing forward/to the front?

  • The FlightCtrl is mounted correctly (with the SMD parts upwards)?

  • The FlightCtrl is pointing with the arrow forwards to the red outrigger?

  • The propellers were properly aligned and mounted with the correct direction?

  • All bolted connections were made correctly?

  • Visual check of all solder joints.

  • Visual check of all connected cables.

  • The power distribution board has been checked for shorts? (Check help)

  • If you have allready mount the GPS-System, is it correct connected? (Check help)

Also this should be checked:

  • At the transmitter a model memory with a fixed-wing model (ACRO) has been set up.

  • The transmitter has been set to your desired MODE (MODE 2 is the regular mode).

  • The channels on the transmitter are assiged to switches, buttons and potis.

  • The receiver was bound with the transmitter?

  • The receiver gives a PPM sum-signal?

  • (or has it been changed to - i.e. necessary at the receiver of the HoTT transmitter => Link)?

  • The receiver is connected to the FlightCtrl ? (Check help)

Everything OK? Then it continues here: en/Erstinbetriebnahme/Step2