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  1. Outputs


The FlightCtrl has got two switch outputs. Those switch outputs can be set and switched independently to each other. Here you can i.e. flash the LED's or switch them on / off.
Or you use an output to trigger a camera.


Connection to the FlightCtrl:

Switch outputs (SV2 upper connector) at the FlightCtrl. Switched will be a ground potential!

  • /!\ ATTENTION:

    • These outputs should not be connected directly to any lighting because the transistors can be damaged on the FlightCtrl!
      For that you should use i.e. the Extension-PCB.
      Here you can connect the lighting ( also with more power ) or a switch output to trigger a camera.
      A describtion to connect the lighting/trigger camera you will find under Extension-PCB.

Further setting options are described in the Expert Settings: Expert Settings