What is the DUBwise Installer?

  • With J2ME there is always the trouble with lots of JAR and JAD Files to handle device differences. It's theoretically possible to write a one-fits-all application in J2ME - but only with a lot of drawbacks. One big problem ist the usage of special APIs or profiles. The other big thing is that you have to include different ressources for the same thing to (really) 'work' on the device. Handling these problems on the device leads to very big and slow applications. Keep in mind that some people still pay a lot of $$$ for mobile bandwith and/or have slow devices. Thats why one-fits-all jar's are very rare and DUBwise isn't one of it. But it leads to problems in finding the right jar/jad for a lot of people. And until now this problem was solved by a human ( LiGi ) by answering questions from users. But I like the idea of letting computers or machines do the monotone work ..-)

  • The most common solution to this problem out there are device lists - but these lists are never complete and need a lot of maintenance (there are a lot of devices emerging every month). The solution for DUBwise is the "DUBwise Installer" which is a small (<10kb) one-fits-hopefully-all application which assembles information about the device, selects the right jar/jad combination and gives the possibility to install it.

Where to get it?


  • some background info can be found here ( the first part is the same as the introduction here, but there is some more info at the end )