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BL-Ctrl V1.2

See also: MikroKopter-Boards

Differences to BL-Ctrl V1.1

  • Visually no difference to BL-Ctrl 1.1
  • PCB comes now with 4-layer

  • Better heat dissipation of the FET's and the Shunts
  • Transistors T1, T2, T3 are replaced now by transistors with built-in resistors
  • Less sensitive to moisture

See also the version history Ctrl_History.

Choosing the address

On the V1.2 the motor address is set by a solder jumper on the board.

It is as follows:

Here you can see the addresses and positions of the motor controls and also the direction of rotation of the assigned propeller:
(Click image for high resolution)

The connection diagram:


Depending how many motors you will use on your copter you need for the upper addresses of the BL-Ctrl's a different software. This can be downloaded here:

BL-Ctrl V1.2 - Adr. 1-4: Download
BL-Ctrl V1.2 - Adr. 5-8: Download
BL-Ctrl V1.2 - Adr. 9-12: Download

Assignment of the terminal

On the pre-assembled BL-Ctrl V1.2 you need to solder the enclosed Elko:


It is advisable to bend the capacitor by 90° so that it fit parallel to the outer side of the board.

Further you can see on the picture how to connect the I2C-Bus-Wires and the power supply.

/!\ The controller is still sensitive to moisture and should be shrink wrapped with shrink tubing! For details see also BrushlessCtrl and water landing.

Flying with 4S LiPo

It is also possible and the same as with the BL-Ctrl V.1.1 to fly the MK with four-cell !Lipo's. See also 4S-LiPos.

Here you need to adjust the wirering in that way that the BL-Ctrl are hooked up directly to the power supply and not over the switch of the Flight-Ctrl. That is necessary because the switch is not designed for those current and starting flashes coming with the high voltage.


(click for high resolution)

Please note: In version 1.2 for T1-3 the part PDTC143 with integrated base resistor is used. The base resistors R3, R6 and R9 need to be changed through a low-resistance resistor, i.e. 100 Ohm.


If the BL-Ctrl have a fault, you can see this e.g. on the flashing red LED on the BL-Ctrl.

How to find and fix a fault on this BL-Ctrl you can see here: Troubleshooting

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