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See also: MikroKopter-Boards



With the RangeExtender, a wireless connection can be established to the MikroKopter over a large range (>1000mtr).
The connection will be relayed via USB or Bluetooth on the RangeExtender to the more powerful Wi.232 module. In that way a connection will be established to the Wi.232 module on the MikroKopter. The RangeExtender will be supplied with power via an integrated battery.

The connection

The RangeExtender can be used i.e. on a:

  • Tablet
  • Smartphone
  • Computer
  • etc.

(appropriate software required, i.e. MK-TabletTool (Link), KopterTool, Dubwise etc.).

In this way a transfer and display telemetry data from the Kopter is possible. You are also able to send WayPoints to the Kopter.

Connection via Bluetooth or USB

The RangeExtender can be easily connected with a Tablet, Smartphone etc. . Here you proceed as follows:

  1. Switch ON the RangeExtender with the switch on the side - the green LED Power flashes.

  2. At the used device switch to the settings / Bluetooth settings and start the Bluetooth Scan.
    (See instruction of the used device)

  3. After a short time the RangeExtender should be found with its identification.

    • Identification = RangeExtender

  4. Now the RangeExtender can be assigned to the device (Pairing).

  5. Here now the four-digit Bluetooth-Key (PIN) of the RangeExtender need to be entered.

    • Bluetooth-Key (PIN) = 0000

  6. After a successful Pairing the RangeExtender can be used with an appropriate program.

  7. Has been established a connection via Bluetooth (i.e. tablet computer) with the RE, the blue LED Bluetooth will light at the RE.

Connection at the MikroKopter

With the delivery of the RangeExtender comes also a Wi.232 module for the MikroKopter.
This Wi.232-receiver will be connected with the ribbon cable to the connector Debug on the NaviCtrl .
> If only a FlightCtrl is used on the Kopter you need to connect the Wi.232 receiver to the 10-pin header at the FlightCtrl .
Throughout the missing GPS system the transfer of the telemetry data is not possible.
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Load RangeExtender

The RangeExtender uses a 3,6V/800mAh NiMH battery. With this battery the RangeExtender can work without additional power over a longer period of time. If the battery has used up its power, a warning signal will sound and the battery needs to be charged.

To load the battery the RangeExtender can be connected either way with the USB cable to a PC, Laptop etc. or to a suitable power supply with a 5V= Output.
After connecting a USB cable to the RE and to an appropriate device the red LED Charge will light. If the battery is completely charged the red LED will go OFF and you can disconnect the USB connection.

INFO: The battery will be also charged if the RangeExtender is switched OFF.

Technical data / delivery package

Delivery package:

  • RangeExtender

  • Wi.232 Kopter
  • USB cable
  • Ribbon cable with 2x 10-pin pinheader

Technical data:

  • Weight RangeExtender = 110g

  • Weight Wi.232 Modul Kopter = 9g

  • Power supply RangeExtender = 3,6V/800mAh NiMH battery

  • Connector = USB

  • Loading = via USB (5V)

  • Display for: Power, Charge, Rx/Tx, Bluetooth connection

  • Battery life = 7-8 hours
  • Bluetooth PIN = 0000
  • Individual RE-ID = needed for the use of the MK-TabletTool

The RangeExtender can be ordered in four different versions:

  • EU Version
    • Channel 0 (868,300MHz) ID 0 (Brown)
    • Channel 0 (868,300MHz) Id 1 (Red)
  • US Version
    • Channel 2 (903,023MHz) (Blue)
    • channel 4 (905,279MHz) (Green)

The different colored antennas of the RangeExtenders shows you the channels:
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