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Graupner R16 Scan - PPM Sum signal

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Conversion to PPM sum signal

The channel 8 are beside the battery connection and is connecting with a 1kOhm resistor on pin 8 of the processor .
The needed PPM sum signal are diagonally opposite on pin 25.

So resolder the resistor and extend it. Now solder it on the pin 25. That's it.

The level is not perfect 5V, but it works perfect with the FlightCtrl.

Scale: 1V/cm 2ms/cm

PPM sum signal after resoldering the resistor:

Über diesen Umbau hinaus schlägt DJCopter eine relativ einfache Modifikation vor, um das Signal noch "Konform" zu machen. Siehe:

connection of the receiver cable

Now you have the PPM sum signal on "connection 8". There you can connect the cable.

The receiver cable can be connected to the FlightCtrl as you can see below:

how to connect the receiver with the transmitter:

First, insert the desired crystal in the transmitter or set the channel on the transmitter.
Now switch on the transmitter, then supplied the receiver with power.
On the receiver then the (blue) LED lights.

start the Scan mode of the receiver: 1. The transmitter should be on, the antenna complete open and lying near the receiver.

2. With e.g. a pen push for about 3 seconds the "SCAN" button on the receiver until the (blue) LED goes out.

3. Immediately if the (blue) LED is out, push the "SCAN" button again. Now the (blue) LED should be blinking rapidly.
The rapid flashing indicates the "scan" process.
When the transmitter (the frequency) is found, the LED will turn permanent. The channel is now stored in the receiver.

Info: If the LED is still flashing slowly after a few seconds, the transmitter (the frequency) is not found.
Please check then the correct function of the transmitter (the crystal). If all is OK repeated step 1 to 3.