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Point Of Interest

The idea of "Point of interest (POI)" is to point the camera of the MikroKopter to a specific object or position.

The yaw-direction and the camera angle will point move in that case.

The NaviControl needs the following informations for this feature:

  • GPS-Position of the POI
  • altitude of the POI

Depending on the own position and altitude, the MikroKopter can calculate the angles.


Video with explanation


Video with Wakeboarder

We attached a FollowMe-Transmitter to a helmet an made an autonomous camera tracking shot

The used helmet:

There is in the front a waterproofed GoPrp camera. And in the back the FollowMe-Transmitter with 9V batterie supply and a WI232 transmitter.

LotharF started the MikroKopter and activates the POI (PointOfInterest) and the CareFree function.

Further informations about that Video:

  • Camera on the MikroKopter: Canon EOS 550D (also called Canon T2i) (Objektiv: 18-55IS set to 18mm; Stabilizer:Off) (Video settings: 1280*720/50fps)

  • 5,8GHz video transmitter sends the live-video to check the recorded picture. Monitor on the tripod
  • Video editing: VReveal for Deshaking and changing the colors (making a warmer style)

  • Video cut: Magix Video deluxe 17 premium HD;

  • Music: found on

GPS-Position of the POI

In the following example, we want to take pictures of the Evenburg (Leer)

With the KopterTool (since V1.74) we can put the POI onto the building.

Now we define three waypoints for three different view angles. The MikroKopter shall automatically point into that direction.


POI in Action

Altitude of the POI

The MikroKopter can control the camera nick-angle if needed. It can be selected in the Koptertool "Use POI -> Camera Nick control"

  • The camera can still be manually adjusted via the RC-Transmitter.
  • The ration between camera angle (Servo angle) and angle to the POI is set by the Parameter "Nick compensation" in the Camera-Settins of the FlightControl

activating via RC-Transmitter

The YAW-rotation for pointing to the POI is connected to the CareFree (CF) feature.

Means: the MikroKopter will only move yaw, if CF is enabled and activated. This is a safety feature. So the pilot still has control if he doesn't know the direction of the MK

Also the nick-angle is connected to CF. So if CF is deactivated, the angle is neutral (or Poti-setpoint)

POI-setting via Follow-Me-Transmitter

If you dont want to use a Notebook on the field to use POI, a FollowMe transmitter can also be used easily. It transmits its own GPS-Position as POI and also as Waypoint.

That also works fine for moving POIs (see Video)

  • If you use "Position Hold mode (PH)" via RC-transmitter, the MK remains on its position and lokks into POI-direction (if CF is activated)
  • If you use "Coming Home (CH)", the MikroKopter also follows.

see also: FollowMe

viewing direction for waypoints

For each waypoint a viewing direction can be selected.



sight direction



free direction



fixed direction (360 = North) (180 = South)



points towards the POI

WP1 WP9 ..

-2 ...- x

points towards a Waypoint

Notes regarding view direction (POI)

What is the direction of view?

The camera direction is the view direction. When a camera is mounted in rotated direction (i.e. 45°) (FlightControl-settings: Camera-direction), this would be the sight direction

How to enable or disable it?

  • The NC has access to the compass direction only when CareFree is on.

  • If a POI (or WP1 WP9 ..) is selected, then the MK constantly corrects the yaw direction regarding the GPS-positions.
  • If controlled manually (using yaw stick), the MK goes back to automatic yaw-mode after 1 second (only when POI or WP1..WP9 is used)
  • If a fixed view direction is set (numbers 1-360), then the MK uses this value only once when switching to this new waypoint. If the pilot manually rotates, the MK does not go back to the fixed direction

When is the view direction active?

  • The new direction of view is used when switching to that waypoint

What happens if the MK is directly over the POI?

  • Directly above the POI, it may happen that the MK turns always around. This happens every time it is >2 meters away from the POI. In the area of ​​<2m to the POI, the POI yaw control is off.


You can also use a waypoint as POI. I.e. MK can also look in the direction of any waypoint.

/!\ If the MK is looking towards its own waypoint, then it would happen that it starts rotating around itself when reaching that point (see previous note)

See also: en/Firmware-0.84